This past weekend, my mom put together birthday dinner celebrations for My dad, brother, sister and me. 
We all have a birthday in May so she picks a good weekend and we celebrate them all at once. With cards ripping open and gift wrap flying in the air, you would think its Christmas.

Dad gets to pick the dinner menu which this year was steaks on the grill with baked potatoes and salad. We all get to choose what kind if dessert we want. I always choose cherry tart with thick crust! She makes the best!


My brother requested is favorite brand of store bought pie and my sister wanted a strawberry cake.


Mom dont skimp on the size. She makes enough to go around.....like five times! Ha. 


Daddy opt out of a dessert this year as he is watching his sugar and weight. I did see him sneak a bite of my tart though. 

My gifts this year included a retro camper night light, a tiny camper sign, a large candle, a garden flag, beach towel, bracelet and money.

We had a great time. 


  1. I mentioned a thing that would happen at my work in August, and all three people (including me) mentioned we had birthdays in August. Strange how things like that do happen.

  2. December/January are our birthday months.
    We always got to choose our 'birthday menu' too.
    Your celebrations look great.

  3. Wow! That tart looks scrumptious. I'm allergic to strawberries but I love them.

  4. Happy Birthday to you all, what a nice way to celebrate all of your birthdays.

  5. That's it. I'm packing my bags and be right over. Save me some cake.

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU ALL! What a 'SWEET'(OVER THE TOP) thought and pictures. And I must say you are looking good.
    The sweets are beautiful and mama does do SIZE, big time! It is wonderful you have your mom and dad!!! Family things are GREAT!

  7. Happy birthday, Lisa!! Sounds like a great celebration....and now I'm craving some pie or cake, thanks a bunch! Sugar free jello to the rescue, sigh it's just not the same!