Last Time Under The Hood

My husband has worked on cars almost all of his life. He and his father were owners of Jerry's Front End and Brake shop until they closed the doors in the late 90's. Nick also worked for the local dirt track on weekends to make a little extra money.  

They spent many days not only servicing customers cars, but as I can remember, were always piddling on a race car in the side bay. Nicks father had a few race cars as he was a member of Carolina Vintage Stock Car Racing Association ( CVSCRA). One of his race cars was given to a museum. I'm not sure what happened to the others, but there was a last one and the only one I remember. A 1949 Ford. 

Nicks dad raced this car until he was in his 70's. After each race, he would pull it into the home garage and fix the dings and tune it up. Nick and his dad would often be under the hood getting it ready for the next race. His dad passed away about 10 years ago. The race car has sat in the garage waiting for new life ever since. It became dusty, weathered and stalled. 

The day came this past weekend. The car had a buyer. Nick wanted to get it running so the buyer would be satisfied in the purchase. He worked for a few days getting her running. She was alive now. The sound of the motor would make the hairs on the back of your head stand up. 

When the buyer arrived, I was able to snap a photo of Nick under the hood one more time. 


She was running like a charm, or like a race car sitting for ten years would sound awaking from a long hibernation. Vroom vroom! Sounded nice but I'm the weird one and liked the smell.

The car was cranked, the money was swapped and it was loaded on a trailer. The buyer said he liked the way it looked. He doesn't plan to paint it to anything different. He also plans to put it back on the track come November.


It will race again and I'm sure Nicks dad is looking down and smiling. It was sort of sad to see it leave as all the brothers stood by watching but it was time to let go. 


  1. Sad, yes...but time. It's nice to have all those great memories, though!

  2. A bit sad yes, but nice that the car will be on the race track once again.

  3. Yes- Sad for sure. There is just something about letting go of things that you know someone loved--something that was such a part of them. But, it is also freeing if it is not something you are using yourself. I have felt that way about disposing of some things here myself. xo Diana

  4. I hope your race car likes it's new owner :) That's a neat old car.

  5. Finally I got in. For a day all I got was ERROR 400 or something and I REally wanted to read this one. I wasn't disappointed you did a great job of showing the feelings that I could imagine Nick had. What a great looking car. I had friends who had '49's and they would run just stock. I can imagine the power of that old V8 after Nick and his dad put some time into it.
    Loved this one and great pictures of saying good bye and the last time under the hood to work that throttle and hear that ENGINE!

    SWEET! It brings back lot of memories of seeing drivers who were also their own mechanics!

  6. Had trouble accessing this. Blogger wouldn't let me in. Saying goodbye to old cars is always difficult. This one was special indeed. Glad it has a new home and that your husband got it's motor humming once again.