Moving Fiasco

My daughter and her roommate decided to move again. This will be the fourth time we have moved our daughter since she graduated college.
She keeps moving closer to uptown. She likes being a city girl and she also works here.


It was only about a 3 mile move but it still takes the same man power.
She is on a 3rd floor apartment with a forever long hall that leads to the large elevator. Moving things seem heavier and bigger now that we are older, so with that in mind, the girls decided to hire a moving company to move the furniture, large items and boxes that were stacked and ready to go.
The roommate was out of town but she had her things ready for the movers as well.

Saturday we rushed through breakfast, packed some tools and headed to Charlotte to help with getting the smaller things out and walls spackled at the old apartment and help get things in order at the new apartment after the move.

The movers were suppose to arrive at 12 noon.
We waited.........

1:00 came and still no movers so we called to find out an ETA.
The movers apologized and said they were not going to make it out due to family emergency or something like that. Great service huh?

So there we were, it was raining outside, and we left the pickup truck at home. Even if we could find someone to help, it was raining and a pickup truck would be useless.

After desperately searching for another moving company, we found one that would do it for more than we wanted to pay, but we had to get moved. They said they could be there between 3:00 and 3;30.

We grabbed a cart from the office and started loading our SUV with the smaller boxes. We were ready to take them over to the new apartment but we couldn't leave because it was to close to 3:00 and we didn't want to miss the movers.

So we waited....

and we played.....


and we waited.....

4:00 still no movers. We were fit to be tied, We were grumpy and the daughter was in tears. By now, we could have already moved half of this stuff ourselves. We called the movers, and left a message on their voice mail to just forget it, we want to cancel.
They called back and said "please do not cancel, our guys are pulling in now".
So we rush down to the loading dock and.....we waited....

4:30 still no movers. I called to tell them (again) to just forget it. We are tired , they lied and we will figure out another way. They begged us to wait.......assured us they would be there in a matter of seconds.....we waited.

5:30 Finally!!! They came......In a U-Haul! (a U-haul was actually gonna be our plan B).

I'm sorry to say this, but there were five large men and one woman that looked like they just escaped prison.....I kid you not! And only two of the six were the least bit friendly.
But we were desperate....

They get to the apartment and the price just went up because of the 3rd floor and long hall these men will have to battle. But we argued over this and got the price back down....Nice try.  I mean, We literally only had two beds, three dressers, a sofa and a TV table other than a few large boxes for them to move.

The guys were tired and acted like they were being forced to work.
Ok, first a real moving company will come equipped. These guys had no hand trucks, or anything! Really? But after a few hours, they eventually got the stuff loaded on the truck, and moved into the new apartment.


Once the movers left, we put her bed together and got back home at 11:30 pm. We were so tired.


We headed back the next morning to help get things unpacked and in order. We hung her curtains , mirrors and pictures, got her internet set up and cable working. woooh . We are done.


We learned a lesson and will probably never use a moving company again unless its a well reputable name even if it cost us more.

Isn't that the cutest kitchen though? My daughter was like "no cabinets! Where do I put my dishes?". On the shelves my dear. 




  1. What a hard move that was....good grief...seems there's always people that call themselves a "company" (as in moving company) that doesn't have a clue...sorry it went so wrong but glad to know she is up and running...and her apt looks I want a black bed and open shelving...

    1. I actually like the open shelving too. I would have to have all matching dishes though. haha. Husband is not a fan of open shelves.

  2. I get what you mean about it being harder than it used to be. The last time we moved my daughter we said never again!

  3. Lord have least she has a cute kitchen and bedroom.

    1. It was quite a day but still had fun just being there with her.

  4. Sigh.
    You are such good parents.
    Such good tired parents.

  5. What a nightmare! We have had BAD MOVERS and good movers over the years. We have even had GOOD MOVERS that charged us more when all was said and done because it took them longer than they thought (and they were the one that quoted the moving price to begin with). Just be glad all is said and done and your daughter is safely ensconced in her new apartment. It is really a cute place and I hope she loves it for a long time.
    I counted the other day and since I was 16 I have moved around 35 times since I left home. The last 15 moves were all into homes we rehabbed and then sold. This is the longest I have ever lived in one place since I left home---10 years! Whoo Hooo...and now we will be moving again. sigh---you can BET we are hiring a moving company. lol xo Diana

    1. I want to move but if I move, we are taking nothing with us and just gonna buy all new stuff. Ours has had its days.

  6. I always lick the bowl...the beaters long as Dina has turned off the mixer first.

    1. We used to fight over the beaters. There were four of us when we were little so we had two beaters, a bowl and the spoon. Mom always left a little extra on the spoon for the one that ended up with that.

  7. That is the CUTEST slogan!!

  8. Say what you will, it all made a great post. And I thank the forces that be (and you) for this.

  9. Most movers are like most contractors

    dirty lazy incompetent thieves

  10. Movers can be quirky. Got to get the right ones. (moved our daughter last spring) Glad it worked out for you all in the end. Thank goodness.

    1. She had some two years ago that were great. Just couldnt get them. Im glad its over!

  11. Martin K above said it all. Great POST. It is better if you have had a 'GREAT'(haha) moving experience, and can feel the frustration. Now I have a blogging idea. THANKS!

  12. Oh my goodness what a day you all had!!
    We always move ourselves and now I'm glad we do. : )
    I'm sure there are some very good movers around though.

    1. Yes there are some good ones and then there are some cheap ones. lol