Feels Like Spring

I know, Its only January but our temperatures here have been unseasonably warm.

The morning temperatures have been in the 50's and then warm up to the 70's by noon. It feels like spring.

I looked out the window this past weekend to find a sign of spring. It was a dandelion all alone in the middle of the back yard. I had to run out and snap a photo of this cutie.
We will have a hate relationship come summer.
I may have even talked to it. 
Ok yes, I did talk to it. Silly me.

As I was pulling into the driveway after work yesterday, I noticed my Camilla bushes (also known as "Tea Flower") were in full bloom. I think they are so pretty and look great in a vase.


I have a white one on one side of the house and a pink one on the other. Again, I had to snap a photo. 


These bushes are suppose to bloom in late Winter.

shhhh they think its late Winter.

I woke up this morning to birds singing and dancing; I think they may be confused. I love the sound of birds chirping in the mornings. I also love the sunshine beaming through the windows as I awaken but I'm not getting that yet until time starts changing. I guess "time" is something you can't confuse.

Its another beautiful day as the temperatures once again will be in the 70's.
I hear that by the end of the week, temperatures will be back to 30's in the mornings and 50's in the afternoons. I still do not think ill be needing a coat.


  1. Weather is something you fuss about or accept. The winters in the Gaston area are seldom drastic, but I always looked forward to at least one snow. I don't appreciate the drastic cold, but mainly for plumbing protection. Frozen split pipes are no fun.

    anyway glad you guys are having good weather and the pictures are beautiful... We are down on Peace river. On my walk I spotted some crappie in the sunlight, I just might fish!
    From south Florida

  2. Love your camellias. And sadly we are 'seasonably' hot here. I am over it.

  3. pretty flowers even the dandelion. a splash of winter color.

  4. Your camellias are pretty, especially that first one. I've enjoyed these warmer days, but I'm not ready for spring just yet.

  5. Lucky you!!! What part of the country do you live in? Here in WI we won't see a single thing growing until at least April sometime...and not much even then. I do miss the South this time of year. xo Diana

  6. Could it be an early spring? We shall see. We shall see. Thank you for the beautiful post.

  7. I don't mind myself, less strain on the heat pump

  8. It's not quite that warm here but still a lot warmer then is supposed to be. But then today it is cold and snowing again.
    Nice that you get to see blooms already!!!

  9. Are you sure that's a dandelion?

  10. Oh, my...I can't believe you have flowers blooming...and I don[t know why we don't like the bright little dandelions...they are pretty...Bill digs them up and I just water them...no matter how hard people try, we can't get rid of them so I just enjoy them...but then,....I'm a little goofy...:)

  11. The only thing here beginning to bloom is our yellowbells. I think the drought played havoc on many of the plants here.