The Bun Beanie

Oops heres another crochet post. Hey, its cold over here and I got yarn! Im happy as a bee on a flower when Im sitting in my recliner crocheting. Especially when I know Im getting money out of it. I mean, health insurance is killin me and my pay check shows no remorse. So your getting another crochet post!

Before Christmas this big fad starting making its way around facebook and Pinterest. Its called a messy bun beanie. Girls that want to wear their hair up and still keep their ears warm all want these. They just slip their hair bun or ponytail through the hole and wah la.
Guys, if you got a "man bun" it will work for you too.

Two weeks before Christmas I got a slew of people wanting me to make them one. I had to turn them down because no way could I have gotten them all made before Santa came. 

Well things have calmed down around here now and I made a few of these neat little hats. The orders are coming in. Im Tickled. I make them available only through my shop. It never works out meeting someone for purchases. To much of a hassel. Its a lot easier to drop them in the mailbox. 

Here it is "The Bun Beanie".
Want one? Click on the picture and it will take you to my shop or click on the tab at the top of my page.

Ok. I think thats enough crochet show off. Ill brings some stories soon.  



  1. Looks cute. I wear an ear warmer but the idea of sticking a ponytail through yours makes it intriguing.

  2. It would probably make those silly man buns look a lot better!!

  3. I think I've seen a woman at work with one of those

  4. Talented are we? Well I'm impressed

  5. Oh My! I came over from bj's Sweet Nothings where she was raving about your 'muffins'. What a fun blog and I am your newest follower. I'll put you on my sidebar so I don't miss a single post! Hugs- Diana

  6. Ah yes, my girl coulda used that when we were dating in winter of 1955. She had the prettiest Pony tail. You do show some neat ideas with your handiwork.
    Good on you!

  7. Thee are adorable...what a fabulous job you do...
    you are super talented at this craft...