Snow On The Way

Where I live snow is rarely seen. We can usually count on some kind of snow fall about once or twice between January and March. Very often will it be enough to lay on the roads.

When the weather mans says the S word, everyone goes crazy. The grocery stores are packed, the shelves are empty and bread turns into blocks of gold. 

According to the forecast, it suppose to snow all night and into the morning. 

They are calling for 6 or 7 inches and I cant find my gloves! Like everyone else, ill go digging around in the closets and drawers looking for some winter wear in case its deep enough to build a snowman. I don't think I even have a coat and rarely need a jacket. 

Driving home from work yesterday, I noticed the city has already treated the roads with a salt mixture.

I'm not a fan of snow. I'd rather be where there is warm sun and sand. I guess if I didn't have to worry about having to go to work in the snow, I might enjoy it better. 
However, Being a Saturday snow down, I think I can be a kid again for a day or two.
Im also gonna make some homemade soup.

Next weekend it will be back to feeling like spring. 


  1. ...and don't forget Snow Ice Cream....:)
    we are having our first snow today....brrr I'd rather be on a cruise to lands of sand and sea...and hot sun

  2. We NEVER get snow in Los Angeles; it would be nice occasionally!!

  3. I'm sure your city shuts down when there's a snowfall, Lisa! Lucky you, you can stay in and watch the beauty - I love snow days like that! Be safe, my friend!

  4. Have fun.
    We very rarely see snow - and I prefer it to heat. I find it easier to get warm than I do to get cool.

  5. I enjoyed walking in a bit of snow this morning.

  6. We are getting the same storm in Spartanburg but less severe. I'll probably be out at work though

  7. Thank you for sharing your weather with us. Enjoy your early spring

  8. Yeah I always got a laugh at my fellow southerners, wiping out the shelves of milk and bread like it was going to be a month long blizzard. But Snow is a fun thing down south, a minor inconvenience but a wonderful thing for the kids. So yeah, go ahead be a kid. Sheila up in the Durham area said it has already started up that way.
    I will just keep plugging on installing a bathroom. LOL

  9. STAY safe. Off the roads. Bundle up. A good reason to cuddle. We got snow all day and night yesterday, but it's to be expected here.