Baby It's Cold Outside

Today I had a baby shower to help with. It was for my niece. This will be her second baby girl. Shes due in March. My sister in law hosted the shower at her home and me and my daughter along with other family members, helped with the food and pickups. The theme she wanted was "baby its cold outside" while using pink and gold for the colors. 

It was originally scheduled for last week but due to the snow, we figured it would be best to reschedule it for today. I think the snow would have made the theme more appealing though. 
Today it was in the 60s and beautiful outside. 

I decided to make little smokies in the crock pot. I mean, arent those at every shower? Ha.
I made them by adding equal parts of grape jelly, mustard and BBQ sauce then let them cook for a couple hours before serving. They are always a hit.

I have to brag a bit on the gift my daughter made for the baby. Now, my girl loves cupcakes so this fit her creativness well. She used little onesies and newborn socks and created these adorable useable cupcakes.



Speaking of cupcakes, whoever made the real things, they were delicious!
They were pink with snowflakes and sprinkles.


I decided to make home made butter mints. I made these before the shower was rescheduled so they were in my house for a week screaming at me everytime I walked by them. It was hard not to snatch one or two but I did good at ignoring the notion.


I used moms recipe which consist of powdered sugar, corn syrup, Butter , mint flavoring and a drop of red. I used a fondant cutter as a press to look like bows stamped in the center. They turned out sort of ugly but what was done was done. I made too many to start over. No one seemed to care what they looked like.

I also made these fun little rice crispy squares dipped in pink chocolate melts and sprinkled with edible gold flakes. 


It's hard to see the gold flakes in the photo but I tried to get a quick shot before everyone started grabbing them.
I cheated on these though. I used premade rice crispy treats and cut each one in half. No one noticed.  


The shower turned out nice as it was just a drop in which meant no goofy games and staring contest. 
She liked her gifts she received. Remember the crocheted set I made? It got a lot of ohhhs and ahhhhs.


I decided to make a white pair of boots to go with the set. The pink ones I made first just didnt look right to me so I did a do over in white. 

Its been a long day and im tired. I got the call from my daughter that shes back home safe so now Im calling it a night. 


  1. Such pretty gifts. I love what your daughter made. Those cupcakes were so sweet.

  2. I have to agree with TT, yep your daughter has some of your creativity, NEAT. Of course your crochet stuff was a hit, NO DOUBT! some pretty food!

  3. My computer has been on the blink so I am a little late with my visits/
    Love those little onesies..and the mints look great to me...and the rice krispies...too cute.
    The set you crocheted is absolutely adorable. One of our grandgirls is having a boy in July...I would love a little suit and the shoes..could you do that for me...let me know the cost of the whole thing and I'll get money to you. Do you do PayPal on your Etsy shop..?

  4. All the food looks perfect and the sweater and booties are adorable.
    I've seen that cupcake gift before. Such a clever idea.

  5. I feeling a bit guilty being on a post about a baby shower.
    But all those delicious treats... I guess it's okay.

  6. Aww, those are sooo cute! You are so creative!

  7. Holy crap! That is one creative party. The usable "cupcakes" looked delicious.