Venting- Mall experience

Sorry to bring a grumpy post to you on this lovely Sunday but I need to vent. Them Im heading to church.  

I didnt have a fun experience at the mall yesterday. People are really starting to get on my.....ok let me back up, I can tollerate many people. I try to keep in mind that they have different morals, backgrounds and life styles. I smile at everyone. But there are times I feel like Im the only nice guy around. Yesterday just about made me loose all my kindness. 

In one store, as I was looking around, a lady on her cell phone was talking so everyone around her could take notes. She was loud, rude and the language would make a sailor blush. I just slipped away to another store.

Another store; I saw some shoes I liked so I began to sit on the little padded bench to try them on, when....a kid does a big Geronimo belly dive onto it. I almost sat on him. His mom sees him do this but does not say anything to him. I would have left the store with moms hand print on my rear end. 
Its ok, I just went around the corner to the next seat trying hard not to touch someones purse they had left sitting on there while they looked around. 

It never fails, everything I want to look at, so does everyone else. This really gets to me. If there is only one person in the store other than me, that person will step in the path of my shopping and look at the same darn thing, usually standing right in front of my view. I have politely said excuse me but either the person doesnt know what that means or they just want to be butt holes. 

To top off my lovely shopping experience, my husband and I met back up. As we were walking side by side with plenty of open floor around us, a group of very large... [umm biting my tounge]...young women walked past me coming from theopposite  direction. One of the [uumm biting my tounge] women hit me pretty hard in the side with her hand, as our shoulders also hit together. In my younger days, this would have been an instant fight. I just turned to her and gave her the ole stink eye as she casually walked away with her friends. They were giggling and laughing. They knew what they were doing. They were very rude and disrespectful. Im too smart to say anything, too small to go to jail, and too old to take a butt woopin. 

My feelings were sort of hurt because I always make a point to be friendly to everyone. The more I thought about it the more mad I got. My husband told me that I can just expect things to get worst in this world. I think hes right. Its sad and I can only pray for better tomorrows. 

I think ive made up my mind to do most of my Christmas shopping this year from online while sitting in a basket. :)


  1. Saturdays are the worst for shopping. If I'm off weekends, I almost always stay home

  2. I think most everyone over 40 can relate to those experiences. It is a shame that manners, courtesy and commonsense are not enforced by parents.

    It isn't just the kids, some adults evidently never had a home life.

    Imma stop before I head where I shouldn't. The sun WILL shine again.
    We must live our lives, but there are times I wish I was appointed the worlds teacher with strong immediate discipline options. LOL

  3. That was some day at the mall!! I'm glad I rarely go to the mall.
    ONE of the reasons I love living out in the middle of nowhere. : )

  4. I guess I'm old--I once bumped into a table & said "Excuse me"!!

  5. Sounds like a horrible day! There are really tiring people out there but there are also some really wonderful ones. I hope you encounter those types on your next visit.

  6. Thank you for this. just sows how good a person you are.
    Keep that light shining

  7. Sigh. Some days I am ashamed of our species.
    I hope today is much, much better.