Muscadine? Or Scuppernongs?

Let me clear one thing up first. Muscadines are black/purple and scuppernongs are greenish/gold.

When I was a kid, mom had a large muscadine vine. It produced the prettiest golden juicy sweet n sour grapes. The kids in the neighborhood would come over and we would eat them until our bellies ached. If we were not eating them, we were shooting each other with them.

I remember pinching the thick grape skin releasing the slimy seeded filling into my mouth as I was a pro at using my teeth to pinch out the seeds, leaving a sweet muscadine flavored goo on my tongue.

Well, Now days if I want muscadines, I have to buy them in the store or produce stand. I bought these yesterday. 

They were the biggest grapes I have ever seen. 

Needless to say, these were not very sweet. Not like mommas. I'm thinking the smaller ones are best and the scuppernongs are better.

One day I would like to plant a small vine that will grown around a small trellis, But then again, I remember the bees the vines attract and the upkeep it takes to keep them neat. 

Fact: Scuppernong is a type of Muscadine. So technically you can call a scuppernong a muscadine but cant call a muscadine a scuppernong. 
Did you get that?


  1. Very interesting, Lisa. Your childhood references always sound like you had a great time growing up. Blessings.

  2. I don't think I have ever tasted either of them & I'm an adventurous eater!!

  3. Hi Lisa! It's my first time to a name of hear this type of fruit. Thank you for sharing. Oh, childhood is such a priceless moment esp. with friends around.

    1. What? Your in Italy. Please tell me Muscadine Wine is not only a US flavor! Hahaha. Thanks for visiting.

  4. OH yeah, in NC looking in the woods for muscadines was the most fun. But lemme tell you I ain't never seen a muscadine that big in my life! I gotta pay more attention.

    I have tried for years to grow muscadine fines. I would bet I have tried 50 cuttings, nada. But Sherry found a wild one on our property in Belmont. I 'trellised it, we get some of it but they are not what I remember as a boy.
    I like this entry. You know how to kick in great memories.

  5. I've never eaten any. Wow that sure is large on.

  6. This is the first I have ever heard of these.

  7. We have both growing wild here on the farm. You're right, the smaller ones are scrumptious.

  8. I can't get neither because there aint no gas in the south....

    But seriously the gasoline problem sucks. First time I went to the gas station and they were OUT. I'm sure NC isn't much better. Luckily I'm still fairly full. Just trying to make it last just incase.

  9. I've NEVER seen such big grapes....omgosh
    I'm so glad you had a good childhood, did I and the memories often keep me company on days I miss my mama and daddy so much.(Yes, I'm olden...but you never get too old to miss your mama)