Photo Shoots and Cocktails

I think I'm finally getting back on track. Last week was filled with so many deadlines, airlines and headlines.

It's been crazy at the next town over in Charlotte. I'm sure you've heard about that police shooting in town. The streets are packed with protesters taking over and, well, you know how it goes with that. Just puts us all in one of those moods. Too close to home I'd say.

But I'm here to talk about a different kind of Shoot.

Tuesday I got to fly for the first time. I did fine. Would I do it again? Sure. But I will not say I loved it. I'm not a fan of being that close to people. But the experience was great!

I was chosen by Nutrisystem for an all expense paid trip to Clear Water Florida to be in a photo shoot, commercial, and social media ads. I was over whelmed.

Once my plane landed, I had a black car and chauffeur waiting on me. He took me to the Hilton Hotel where I checked in.

I received some gifts and money then I was then taken by a limo bus to the production studio where I had a wardrobe fitting. 


I was feeling pretty special. There were seventeen of us all together. Later that evening I attended a cocktail party where I mingled and made many new friends.
I was looking pretty rough by this time. Ha.


I met a couple big names such as Anthony Sullivan, the spokesman for Oxi Clean.

I also got to spend some time and laughs with Kat Carney. Shes a lifestyle host and health journalist. You may have seen her on CNN, QVC, PBS and Nutrisystem. Before you ask, I did not see Marie.

Wednesday, was the day I did interviews for ads and social media. I was not very good with this. I just draw a blank when the camera is pointed at me and I'm put on que. I also had that southern twang that people find hilarious. I think everyone else had an accent and I was the normal one.


Thursday, was the best! I got to have my hair and make up professionally done and had several photo shots taken on a white screen. I loved this part. Being prepped and pampered is something I could get used to. I also did some speaking parts on a green screen and some photos in a kitchen scene. It was all surreal.

Another familiar face in the crowd was Meghan Linsey from the TV show "The Voice".
She was having her time in lights for Nutrisystem too.

That night, we did not have a car service and wanted to get away, So we called Ubers and headed to town for dinner.


I got a they called it.


It was the most amazing experience I have ever had. I made so many new friends who have lost weight just like me! We shared stories and laughs and even tears. We exchanged numbers and emails to keep in touch.

Thursday night my black car took me straight from the studio to the airport, eyelashes and all. I had a 7:00 flight. Sadly I did not get to see the beaches of Florida because we were so busy but that's fine. I love the Carolina Beaches and will be heading there in two more weeks to finish off my vacation days.


I made it back to North Carolina where my very own personal black car was waiting on me. Nothing beats a Ford with my handsome husband driving and daughter riding shot gun as again I was chauffeured. We went to get some ice cream. Then Home Sweet Home. 

I just wanted to hold my husband tight because I missed him so much. This was the first time in 23 years that we spent a night apart. It was weird.

The next morning, I did not want to dress myself, fix my hair or drive myself to work. I was spoiled in just that little time.
It took me two days to catch up on rest.

You may see me on a commercial or ad for Nutrisystem. Its all left as a surprise that I don't even know until or if It happens.

I have lost a total of 50 lbs on Nutrisystem. Its been over a year and I continue to maintain my weight on Nutrisystem foods. You can read my whole journey HERE.

Update: I here is my first tv appearance. hahaha.


  1. Look at you-woo-hoo
    Sounds like you ad a time of your life
    Glad you shared a little of it with us

    1. Would live to show more but Im
      Limited in what I can show.

  2. What a fabulous and deserved experience.
    Yay you. And you look lovely.

  3. How exciting! What an amazing experience you had.

  4. What an experience!! How does it feel to be a movie star?

  5. I am so stinking proud of you. I know it was wonderful to be selected, flown and pampered etc. It is a great entry, a good and exciting read, but the best part was your wanting to hold your love tight on your return. Sherry and I know the feeling, whether it is 1,2 nites or months, there is NOTHING LIKE THE TWO HEARTS IN LOVE AND HOLDING EACH OTHER TIGHT after a separation.
    Love you girl and WE are so proud to know you!

    1. Aww Thanks Jack and Sherry. Yea, nothing like being home with your love and best friend. No matter how nice the hotel was, I like my own bed!!!

  6. That's really neat

    and that's cool you got to meet Anthony Sullivan, I was glad he got the role after the death of Billy Mays. He seems to be a really nice guy

  7. Love look lovely and glad you had a great time.

  8. Replies
    1. I know, right? Wish I could have looked around Florida more though.

  9. You look great! I'm sure you'll remember this experience for a long, long time. I don't think I could perform for cameras, either. And flying? I've always not liked husband bought first class seats. Talk about spoiled. I don't think I can ever go back. HaHa!!

    1. It will be first class if ever again. Eeeeek

  10. Sounds like a whirlwind exciting experience.
    You look fabulous!!

  11. wow what a trip ,you look beautiful ,making new friends and having fun with them in new places is a kind of adventure and i think it will exist in your memories for quite long dear .God bless

  12. Your trip sounds awesome! I can't wait to see that ad! You look fantastic♥

  13. OMYGOSH...this must have seemed like a proud of you we all are...I can not WAIT to see you on tv. I am so afraid I will miss it...wish you knew WHEN so you could alert us....You look so beautiful...and don't I know how proud your hubby and family must be.

    Also, I read your Quilt of Memories and since I don't know if your comments come in back that far, here's what I wrote:
    O, what a fabulous job you did, little girl. All by hand is sooo impressive. And block square quilts are one of my favorites...using your mom's scraps and remembering clothes made with some of them is absolutely priceless. I wish I'd done the same.
    Such a treasure ! xoxo

    1. I got your comment but twice is better haha. You can bet your butt ill announce it if i see any ads weather it be tv or other advo.
      Thanks for your sweet words always.

  14. Hi Lisa, Congrats and wow how exciting! You must of had so much fun with the photo shoot and commercial. I can't wait to see you on tv. It is amazing how much weight you lost and you look so beautiful.
    Big Hugs,
    Julie xo

    1. Thanks Julie. It was definitely a memorable experience.

  15. What awesome goals you've crushed! :) I love reading your blogs.. and your hilarious sense of humor. Here's my salad or so they called it. haha.