Blogging From A Plane

Every morning, me and my husband will spend a few moments hugging and kissing and saying goodbye as I head off to work with my fresh cup of coffee he always has prepared for me.

Well today is different. I have gotten a once in a life time opportunity to fly away on an all expences paid trip to Tampa. I cant wait to tell you all about it so stay tuned. Im announing it tomorrow..

Im experiencing a lot of "first". 
First time away from my sweetie in 25 years.
First time in an airpiort,
First time on a plane (do I get a sticker or something?)
First time out of the Carolinas.

I'm so excited but just as much nervous and sad to be away from my husband and home. I have so many mixed emotions right now. I know he didnt really want me going away but supported my decision to do this. I tried to hide my guilty emotions as I exited the car and left him alone. As soon as I walked through the doors of the airport I thought to myself " what are you thinking?!" "Turn around and go back!" But I didnt. I stayed strong, held my chin up high and entered into the security zone. It was not bad at all. I enjoyed looking at all the different people. The other side of security was like a mall. Im also learning how much of a germ a phobic I am. 

Now Im in seat 19A. Way out of my comfort zone, Alone and scared. Did I mention im afraid of heights? I really wish I was next to my husband instead of whoever it is beside me. I think I want to throw up. But Im blogging. There is no throw up in blogging. I can do this. 
When I get off of this plane, im suppose to have a black car waiting on me to drive me to my destination. 

Wish me luck and say a little prayer for me on this short three day journey. Though I believe ill have fun,  I already cant wait to be back home. 
I love my man so much.