Feeling Corky

It was a rainy day. I have already seen every Hallmark movie and Law and Order show on TV. I was bored.

I'm low on yarn and have no crochet orders to fill, so I didn't have anything to crochet. 

I went to my craft room closet and pulled out my beads and trinkets and tried to figure out something to make.
I do this. I'm always wanting to be doing something. I have worry hands. Always fidgeting, doodling or googling. Otherwise, I'd just doze off in the recliner and waste hours. 

I looked up and notice those jars of corks I have collected through the years were not serving any other purpose other than, well, sitting in a jar. So I grabbed a handful and began crafting. 
Note: I don't drink this much wine. I find a lot laying on the ground at the campground after the Frenchies pack up and leave. (Can I say that?). 

Without much thought, I created some little cork key chains. I have no clue how to make jewelry so I fiddled around until I got it all pieced together. I think I did a pretty good job adding beads.

I let my daughter pick out a couple of the cork key chains I made to give away to friends and they loved them.

What is your favorite wine? As you can see, I like Duplin. It's made right here in North Carolina. Perfect wine without the vinegary taste. Its sweet and smooth and they have may types to choose from.


  1. My wife misses hallmark movies ever since we cut cable awhile back. I've never been a fan of Hallmark or lifetime movies

  2. What a clever idea.
    Don't drink wine so don't have a favorite. : )

  3. Very imaginative!
    I once enjoyed a sparkling Zinfandel

  4. I am the world's worst wine taster. I cannot remember one from another unless it is the SWEET RED, it is Too sweet so I would know it. LOL

    YOu and I are some alike you said, " Otherwise, I'd just doze off in the recliner and waste hours."

    I feel the same, BUT WHY? the time resting is NOT WASTED! But I feel like it is. LOL

    I do enjoy seeing your handiwork.

  5. AT first I thought you were making men's ear rings! SMILE!

  6. these are adorable...
    my fav wine is Wild Vines Blackberry...ummm so good