Twenty Two

Twenty Two- That's how old I was when I met the man of my dreams.

I needed the brakes fixed on my car. I knew exactly where to take it. There was this familiar face. He was so handsome with his dark brown eyes, a beard the color of dark chocolate and skin the color of a sun kissed tan.

I had seen him before in the places I worked and places I had been. We somehow would always cross paths. Never saying a word, we spoke with our eyes as we walked by each other. We knew where each other worked, went to church, the car each drove and almost where each other lived. I guess we were stalkers. ha! Ok, I knew where he lived by accident...Ok, not by accident YES I figured it out from seeing him turn into a road one day. Don't judge.

He was the most handsome man I had ever met. It was love at first sight. We exchanged numbers that day he fixed my brakes (and my heart).

Twenty Two - Was the date one September that we began dating.

I knew he was the one. However, I was so afraid I was not the one for him. Would he be like all the others and eventually go away?  I had a wall around me. I was timid and scared. He never let go as I grew to trust him and realized he was going to be here with me forever. We fell in love.

Twenty Two- Years ago today, we married.

It was a small wedding held right after Sunday service with a small family dinner that followed. Nothing fancy but everything sweet. My mom made my wedding gown and the cake. His mom hosted the dinner. Because of our work schedules, we didn't take a honeymoon until the next weekend. It was to the beach of course.

It has been the best years of my life.  We do everything together except while we are at work. We have struggled to make ends meet and have worked hard for everything we have. We did it all together. We have never spent a single night away from each other. Any time with friends are spent during normal hours. There is no other person I'd rather be around. He is my best friend. We can talk to each other about anything and everything. We spend a lot of quality time together and never get tired of each others company. This man still makes my heart flutter and I can hardly wait to see him each day after I leave the office.

Every day I fall deeper in love with him. I have no doubt he loves me too. He shows it unconditionally. Did I mention he randomly sends me sweet texts throughout the day just let me know hes thinking of me and loves me? He has even said he would marry me again. So, one day we plan to do it again in our favorite place. It will be a while. We don't want to rush into anything. haha.

Tonight we will celebrate our 22nd anniversary with a nice dinner and more special moments. I love this man more everyday!!

Happy Anniversary to my handsome Italian :)

"Its not by two people being strong at the same time, its taking turns being strong when the other is weak".
"A marriage will work if you let God lead it"
"Spend as much time together as you can"
"Never go to bed angry and always make the last words you say be "I Love You".



  2. Beautiful post! Happy anniversary. I wish you many more joyous years together!

  3. WONDERFULLY SWEET! You are a good guy Charlie Brown and I know you have a lucky man. Happy Anniversary. I love it when folks are in love, Why Not Forever? Yep it can last forever. September 22 this year will be our 60th anniversary. Like your dude, I am also Lucky!

  4. Happy Anniversary and may you two continue to grow together and be happy. : )

  5. Wonderful. Thank you for sharing.
    and Congratulations. May the dream continue

  6. Congrats, my wife and I celebrated our first anniversary today. We were married on May 1st 2015

  7. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, though a little belated. you have a wonderful love story.

  8. Aww that is so sweet Lisa! I love how the two of you liked each other and met! Congrats to you both.:)