Coffee Can Recycle

First let me just say, I am not a hoarder. I hate junk or any mixed matched dishes and such laying around my house.

However, I did start saving these coffee cans for the soul purpose of trying this craft I found online. So here goes.


I have a slew of these cans. Not really "cans", but plastic coffee containers. I only needed about four. Ok ok ! I hoarded them! They are hidden in closets and coolers everwhere!!! Ill get rid of them this weekend and only keep these four. Arent they cute?


See what I did there?

Folgers have holiday templates you can print to decorate your coffee can and use them to fill with cookies and give to friends. Cool huh?

Well, I went a step further and used a template to trace out my own using a patterned paper of my choice. See the little vintage bikes? Then I glued them into place and coated them with Modpodge (basically just glue).

My plan now is to organize my pantry and use these to hold my flour, sugar and cornmeal. I'm not sure how air tight they really are but it beats the clothes pins I use on them now. I mean, It keeps the coffee fresh and in case your wondering if I drink this much coffee...


Between three of us, we go through one of these size containers a month. We make and waste a lot too. 

Curious on other ways to decorate these cans, containers, or whatever you call them? Here's a few of my favorites.

Bag holder- mompinspiration ( I actually do this too)

Labeled Canisters-kelliskitchen 

Bird house-instructables 

and in case you just got to poop in the woods....

The ever so clever Toilet Paper container- fieldandstream


  1. Omg too cute!!!! That toilet paper one....hehehe!!!!

  2. I love it. Now I will be thinking of a good use for the Green Tea jugs I have piled around.
    Good stuff you are just so stinking smart! They are great and I know some friends/family are gonna be happy.
    Keep the brain ticking....

  3. Okay...suggestions are welcome. I have a dozen gallon wine jugs I have to do something with. Sigh. I thought about some kind of bird feeders. I keep collecting. No energy to do anything emerges. Sigh.

  4. If you were trying to impress...
    This is very very very... creative.

  5. Well, these are just too cute. I sure do like the idea of using them to store cookies and give as gifts. I'm always wondering how I can reuse oatmeal canisters...I bet I can use them the same as your coffee canisters. Cool ideas! Thanks for sharing.

  6. So clever. Looks great too. And so functional.

  7. Very cool. I had never seen these before.

  8. Catching up with all your posts that I've missed while being away. Always nice to stop by here. : ) Love the coffee canister idea. You are very creative.
    Thanks for your prayers.