Recipe Complainer-An Open Letter

It's another rainy day as I grab my coffee and pancakes and head to the table to eat breakfast. This is pretty much my everyday routine except the pancake part. It's usually a lighter choice but its Sunday and I don't want my belly growling in church. Good excuse for pancakes huh?

As I was reading and catching up on the hated FaceBook, I came across a post by a lady in her 7teens. She was ranting about how she didnt want to see anyone sharing any of the recipes you see alot of now on facebook. She states how they really are not good like her old fashion cooking that shes been doing since she was a child. She goes on about how they should only be posted if you actually try them. I get what shes saying but it sort of struck a nerve.

Dear recipe complainer:
     While I agree with you on how much better the old fashion cooking is, I also know how times have changed. The world moves alot faster now days. Unfortunatly, a lot of women work and no longer have time to prepare a home cooked meal, much less a dessert. There are more kids going to college now and less are relying on Mom for a home cooked meal. Again, looking for a quick way out.
These recipes are aimed at these people. Most people are looking for a quick, inexpensive fix for a meal. If they can use can biscuits to make cinnimon rolls, or pizza crust, they will do it. 
They are also looking for "more healthy" alternatives such as replacing fat milk with yogurt. 
Everyone is trying to stay healthy, eat lighter and stay more active. Sadly, this often requires short cuts. 
People are also trying to avoid a lot of cooking in greasy fats and meal. This is most likley due to the expense of doctor visits and insurance now days. No one can afford to be unhealthy. 
I know nothing beats grandmaws, made from scratch chocolate cake, but If I can get half the flavor in a black bean brownie, I'll go for it. 
For the record, I would never turn down a home cooked meal like moms or how I wish I could have one more bite of grandmaws strawberry cake.
Now, If you don't want to see the recipes on your facebook news feeds, then there is a setting for that. Meanwhile, be sure to post a photo of you famous cake because Im sure your recipe is a secret.



  1. I agree with your take on the complainer. It takes a whole lot more energy to complain about something you don't like than just skipping over the posts. Goodness! That was certainly something to rant about, huh?

  2. Good entry. Funny how somethings just strike you hard at times. Many of us old folk cannot accept change. I was telling the grand kids the other day, a few years ago at the beach shopping in Shallotte we saw gallon cans of LARD for sale. I didn't know they sold that stuff anymore. LOL

    When one of our peers says, "These young people just do not understand they will be old one day!" Most of the time I smile, but if the mood is light I will say, "Too bad they are not as smart as we were. We knew we would get old."
    Smile again, liked the entry.

  3. Fence sitting here. Some of the old recipes were great. Some? Not so much. And some of today's recipes bother me. Quick, but not a lot of nourishment.
    I am so glad I have stayed away from FB. I suspect I would rant a lot (even more often) and spend a lot more time on line...

  4. Chevron has an interesting take
    "Treat complaints as gifts"
    this has an interesting effect on complainers

  5. I used to bake bread from scratch back in the day. Now I buy it. It is a new world. The faster I can get a meal on the table the more quality time I have around it to talk about what matters. New versus old. Just a different point of view.

  6. I know my mom rarely ever cooked. The microwave was a decent replacement though, I can't complain. It served me well