DIY Cherry Pit Remover

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day. I feel bad saying "Happy Mermorial Day. It just hits me wrong because people are mourning this day. However I understand the celebration. I am thankful for our service men and I pray for them and their families.

I will not be doing much celebrating today. Its a regular work day for me. However, when I get home, me and Nick plan to cook out some tuna steaks with trimmings and relax around the house.

Since it is a holiday and many will be cooking out, that means a lot of fruit salads and desserts will be made. Some of those will include cherries. Cherry is also my favorite flavor of anything sweet. Due to the expense, I dont get to purchase them much. To my happy suprise,They were on sale at Walmart this weekend so I bought a pound or so.

Before I head to work, I want to share with you this really cool idea of getting out of the pits, I mean getting pits out of your cherries. I cant take credit for this one because I actually found it online, I just can't remember where I seen it. 

First, you will need an old fork. Just a thin cheep one will do. You will also need some needle nose pliers.

Bend the two end pongs down. You now have that rock and roll sign going on.

Next, take the pliers and bend the tips of of the other two pongs, creating two tiny hooks.

Insert it in the cherry and find the seed.

And....Pop! You have a pitted cherry. Isnt this great?

Of course you may not like this idea because it takes all the fun out of eating them. Sort of like watermelon. Whats the fun of a seedless watermelon?


  1. Great idea! Nope, I rather not chomp down on a seed. I haven't looked, but wonder if they make something to pit a mango?

    Enjoy your tuna steaks!

  2. Clever for sure. Enjoy the tuna.

  3. That is a great idea! It's funny, yesterday, being sick with a cold, I craved cherries all day long. Never did get any.

  4. Never had a Tuna Steak, but sure do love Tuna!
    We have cherries, and always it seems from Walmart when they put them on special just before they 'ruin'. Then I go hog wild. Love Cherries. You are one funny one and seem always to have a way of hitting the nail on the head, 'spitting seeds' is in the 'boys' category, girls would not do that (would they?)! LOL
    Have a great day.

    1. I always tried to beat my brothers in the seed spitting contest growing up. It wouldn't look so cool now. Dont even ask about the muscedines! hahaha

  5. That's what I hate about cherries. Why can't they make them pitless like the seedless grapes

  6. Do you mean I no longer have to be my wife's target?
    That's the pits

  7. Pretty cool.
    I just spit the pits out. : )

  8. How clever! I love cherries so I'll give this a try.

  9. Nice! I'll have to pick up a cheap fork somewhere for this- I love cherries!!!!

  10. Hi Lisa, I love this idea and perfect to use when entertaining during the summer.
    TFS at Cooking and Crafting with J & J. :)
    Enjoy the week.
    Julie xo

  11. What a neat tool! :)

    Thanks for joining Cooking and Crafting with J & J!