If My Story Was Written

A friend asked me the other day, If someone were to write a book about me, what kind of book would it be?...Hmmm. I never really thought about it. My first response was "Pretty boring". ha.

Well, lets see. It would be about a girl growing up in a Christian home with loving parents. A girl that couldn't wait to get out on her own while making rebellious mistakes along the way including getting into an abusive six month marriage, heart ache, and embarrassment.

There would be a chapter about love, jealousy, and one about a miracle blessing. The book would have some sad parts, happy parts and may even make you laugh out loud.

I can't say how it would end. I do not think anyone wants to know how their book will end. I would hope it would end on a happy note and if It were my choice, It would end with me and Nick living on the coast of the Carolinas. I would be sitting on a porch with a view of the ocean while soaking up the warm sun and cool breeze. We would have good health, few worries and many of friends.


  1. My book would be like a soap opera!! : )
    Of course the end of the book would really be the beginning of another.

  2. Sweet entry. In my 'short' 77 years I have learned that there is no 'boring' life. Maybe to the outsider, but to the 'players' life is NOT boring.
    I have also determined one thing, for the most part, WE write our own book. Love and unseen blessings (and hurts) can make or break you as the center of your book or world.
    I do enjoy others lives as they open up. I like this read. I know plans and dreams change, but for now I would like to visit you and Nick on that porch, at the NC coast and be alive to see the autumn of your lives. Of course someone would have to help me up the steps.
    Keep writing 'YOUR' book. ;-)

  3. Everybody has a story.I'd be your neighbor if mine were written down on that North Carolina coast.

  4. Or you could move to the SC beaches and be my neighbor.

  5. judging by your posts, it would be a great book

  6. I know how my book will end, sitting on the Iron Throne. Now there's the plot twist.

  7. I think my book would be funny!!