New Do

Its that time again. The gray roots in my dark hair start to peep out at the crown. It shines like Christmas tinsel around grandmaws old Christmas tree. 

I usually will just get some root touch up and fix it every four to six weeks and let my hair dresser do an all over color about twice a year. I love going to the salon and getting pampered every now and again. She has asked me a couple of times if I would like to try a new color called eggplant. "Na purple is not for me".

Well, today I sent her a text. It went something like this....
Me: hey how would this look on me ?( sent picture of an undercut).
Hairdresser: "awesome! Yes!"
Me: "ok, I feel wild today. Lets do it!"

So after work I headed to the salon. In no time I was in the chair getting the nap of my hair buzzed off! And soon the color. Yes, I decided to let her do the eggplant color this time. I wanted something fun. Even though purple is my least favorite color. She assured me it would not be purple but would have a hint of purple. 

I didnt tell my husband about my undercut until I got home and got the thumbs up on the color. To him, the haircut itself looked like what I normally get. An angled messy bob.

"Ah but now let me show you the surprise" I said, as I lifted up the back of my hair and reviled my wild hair tattoo. I turn back to him with a devilish grin and child like giggle. I think he liked it. He teased me a little then he snapped these pictures to show ya. 

We tried hard to get the light to show the purple tint with not much luck but thats ok, did I mention I didnt even like purple? But I like my hair and the color.
(Thats is not a tattoo on my back)

Speaking of egg plant. I planted a few yesterday.

My sister had given me some egg plant and bell peppers to grow. I just used an old crate for the eggplants and two pots for the bell peppers. Wish me luck on that. They have perked up since the picture was taken. 


  1. Well, I'm not that brave when it comes to my hair. But, yours is super cute! I love the cut!

  2. you go!

    Maybe you'll be braver next time ;)

  3. Yeah you're right, you can't really see the purple

  4. Your hair looks super cool!!!! Smokin' hot, lady!!

  5. Hair!?
    Can we talk about egg plants?

  6. Your hair looks great! Doing something different is a lot of fun.

  7. I was going to add a wild color to my hair for my birthday but didn't. Went back to fedoras instead. LOVE the EGGPLANT it shows fine in the pics. And the undercut is a little naughty, but definitely cool.

  8. The new do looks good on you. Those are good looking egg plants. Ours are doing greT this year.

  9. I'm playing catchup because Mr Computer would not take this comment, I didn't think it was xxx or anything. so I saved it and copied now to paste:
    I love it when Sherry gets her hair done. Me n Nick might be Kin. hahaha. That is a tattoo? Anyway, tis good that you and Nick like the hair. SWEET!