Weekend at the Beach

Its my last day of a long weekend at the beach.

Its early as I am sitting outside the camper enjoying a cup of coffee and catching up on some social media. Nick has already journeyed out for his usual 5 mile walk. I will catch up with him shortly and finish out the last couple miles with him. 

We didnt have a problem finding a spot for our umbrella this time because its not too crowded. During the summer, you have to fight for a spot as all umbrellas have to be behind the lifeguard stand.
You can see our chairs are in the 11:00 shadow. No watch needed.

We did a lot of walking as usual. Theres is a few miles around the campground, then a few miles down the beach. We will soon enjoy some lunch on the beach, and soak up the last drop of sunshine before packing up to head home in the morning.

Yesterday, was beautiful but the humidity was so thick, it made your skin feel like a potters clay. That didnt stop me from walking 12 miles mostly before noon. 

We ended up eating supper at a little place up the road named Spankys where we could sit out on the patio and enjoy the view of......
the golf course. The weather was perfect and it didnt bother us that it took a while for our order to come to the table. I had a mushroom wrap and Nick had shrimp tacos.

We made some friends camping in front of us. Really nice people with a nice RV that they drive around enjoying the retired life.  

Im finishing up this post with my current view. 

Nick is up at the camper layering up some tomato sandwiches for lunch and im getting my tan on. 


  1. Thank you for letting me tag along.
    Did you save one if those sandwiches for me?

  2. You are doing it tough. Very tough. Not.

  3. I recognize that sand and blue water. And, I know exactly what you mean about the umbrella deal. It won't be long now and it'll be every sunbather for their self. Oh and I had a tomato sandwich for supper tonight. Yum!

  4. I haven't been to the beach in almost 8 years

  5. Ah, I love a report from the sea. Love the smell of salt air. I think it is about time for us to visit a beach. The 'present' picture is refreshing, even the red toe nails. (smile) Good one! I know the sandwiches were good. Sorry the long week end ended so soon! (WALKING 12 MILES! WOW)

  6. looks like fun. save a few seashells for me.

  7. Looks wonderful. Amazing how you get the miles in!

  8. You lucky dog!! What a way to spend a weekend - you enjoy it, lady!!! :)

  9. Sounds great! You must have enjoyed you trip in beach...

  10. You and your hubby beach like we do. We much prefer going when it's not crowded so we can stretch out and walk, read, shell and nap.