Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder is an anxiety disorder in which people have unwanted and repeated thoughts, feelings, ideas, sensations (obsessions), or behaviors that make them feel driven to do something (compulsions).

I seriously think we all have some Obsessive Compulsive Problem but for it to be called a Disorder, It has to take over our daily lives which a lot people really do have this Disorder. I think there is a fine line on whether or not it is a disorder or just a problem or anxiety someone has.

I thought it would be fun to come up with a list I could put in this category of my Idea of my own OCD.

1. Art or pictures that hang crocked- Even the slightest off set drives me crazy to the point if I can, I will fix it.

2. Toilet paper has to roll off the front.- I will turn it around if I see it. And if its in a public locked dispenser, I cant look at it but a second..

3. Pillows on the bed or couch have to be in order- They either have to be really messed up or perfectly placed. Half straight half messed, will not work for me.

4. My fitBit- I look at my step count or miles and I want it to always end on an even number. If I come in from a walk and it shows I've walked 4.89 miles, I have to go back out or walk around the table to hit that even 5 miles. I know it continues counting through out but I hate to be so close to an even and not step it up.

5. At the gas pump- It has to stop on an even dollar amount, no cents or I'll at least run it up to the 50 cent and sometimes this becomes a challenge.

6. Computer Programs and apps have to be closed- I open and close all sites and programs I look at. I will only minimize them if I am using them at the time with another program. I want my computer desktop and tray clean with nothing and only the icons that I use everyday.

7. Text messages and emails- Once read, they are either saved to a folder, or deleted. Again, I like a clean slate.

8. I like to write on paper- but if I mess up one word, The paper goes into a ball, throw it away and start all over. This goes for grocery list, notes, reminders, etc.

9. Blogging- I know a lot of my comments have misspelled words in them and it literally drives me crazy! I can't delete it because it will say "comment deleted" and that is worst. I don't usually see the mistake until I hit save, no matter how much I try to proof it before I send it. I'm always fixing stuff on my posts too.

10. Sports bottles- My thumb immediately finds its "spot" and my sipper spout has to be lined up to accommodate it. If its a travel cup with a handle, the sipper has to be lined up just right on that too.

12. When eating colored candy- Such as M&Ms, Skittles, Ike & Mikes, etc., I eat all of one color before starting on the next color.

13. When eating cakes and pies: I have to keep it even, This could cause me to eat the whole thing. ...
ok, this is true but also works for a great excuse to have one more bite!

14. Every thing has to be lined up even. If its a stack of papers or envelopes, they have to be even.

15. Pens in my pen holder either all have to be pointing up or all have to be pointing down.

16. Here is one from my Husband...When counting money. All the bills have to be face up and all facing the same way. I'm not sure why this has never bothered myself.

Oh I could go on. There are so many little things that drive me crazy.

Your turn...What about you. I'd love to hear some of yours. So leave me a comment or two telling me what your OCD is.

Note: This is just for fun and I realize real OCD is a serious condition and many really do suffer from.


  1. The only thing that bothers me at the gas station is the amount going over twenty.

    I have a little OCD but usually it's too ensure important things stay safe. Like locks being locked. I often sound like I'm going trying to break in to make sure I didn't screw up.

  2. I do the same thing you do with candy.

  3. Me too do something like this.

  4. You and TT are sick, eating all the one colored M&M's. LOL.
    I like the bills in my wallet or any stack to be aligned face forward and denominations in ascending order. I cannot understand why the bank does that, I mean I get bills upside down and backwards coming our of the ATM. I immediately fix them because I know the presidents are upset being upside down. ;-)

    I will also even stacks of paper or envelopes. Other than that I am nearly normal. LOL

  5. You're going to be a future character. Just saying.

  6. I just found your blog and by the end, I was laughing because I do every one of these except two of them. Another thing I do is lists...for everything. I put check boxes beside them and have to check them off when the item has been accomplished. Sometimes, if I finish a chore that was not on the list, I'll add it so that I can check it off. Ha! I think I just became your newest follower.

    1. Hooray for a new follower! Welcome. Hope I dont bore you.

  7. Hmmmm....OCD.....well, if you listen to my daughters, I have OCD about my house. Because I always want it tidy. Shoot me.

  8. I'm obsessed about walking and have to walk every day. I like to have a least 13,000 steps in EVERY day.
    I have to have all my bills facing the same way too.
    Hanging clothes on the line, they have to be a certain way.
    These are just a few, I have quite a lot too. : )

    1. My Husband is the same way about walking. EVERY day rain or snow or shine.

  9. Maybe not OCD but definitely picky :)

  10. My paper money must be the same way as your husbands, but it's my husband that has OCD that drives me nuts. He must make sure all the measuring spoons are stacked inside one another inside of the drawer. He'll go around and move paper an inch or two, even if it's mine, just to do his OCD maneuvers. I could go on and on about him, and even our kids have noted that as he gets older, his OCD is driving us crazy! Of course, I tell him I'm the only normal one in our house...LOL! PS, one of our DIL's has a PhD in psychology and I'd love to hear her take on all this!

    1. I think age does have something to do with it! haha

  11. When I am home I only like to drink out of ONE of our many coffee mugs. And it isn't that I don't like the others.
    And my earrings have to hang in pairs.
    Other than that I seem to be surprisingly normal. Or perhaps just lazy and messy.

    1. Who doesnt hang their earrings in pairs? !!!

    2. One of my sisters in law just tosses them on the dressingtable - and can never find a pair. I have lace stretched over embroidery hoops and hand them on the wall. I can see them, and I can find them.