Fun With Nutrisystem Foods

So I have been on the Nutrisystem diet now for almost a year and a half. I reached my goal in 5 months but kept going. I have been sitting on a 50 lbs loss for A while now.. I plan to keep it around that number. I weigh 118 lbs now. I want to keep my weight around 120. I'm having fun with this size as I don't struggle to fit into the cute clothes.

But like I said, I still eat Nutrisystem to keep me maintained but I add in a little more snacks so I don't keep loosing weight. Thought I'd never say that!

I never ordered the frozen foods available due to my budget but I don't think I miss anything being that the shelf foods are great even including hamburger meat. 

Along the way I have experimented and played with the foods so I don't get bored. Keep in mind that your suppose to add in veggies and protein snacks with this plan so I'm going to share some of my experiments....... The ones I captured before I ate!   Enjoy....

Egg in a Bagel
Nutrisystem Bagel- Using a cookie cutter or knife, I cut a hole in the center of the bagel, placed it in a fry pan sprayed with cooking spray and poured one beaten egg in the center and sprinkled with lite cheese (optional). Flipping once.
=1 meal + 1 power fuel.

Frozen Yogurt Sandwich
Nutrisystem Cookies- Crush cookies and press 1/2 into the bottom of a small remkin or mug. Add any flavor yogurt. Add remaining cookies to top and pat it a little. Freeze. Pop it out of the bowl and eat. Yum.
= 1 snack + 1 power fuel

Crab Cakes
Nutrisystem Mashed Potatoes- Cook potatoes as directed. Add in chopped crab meat, some old bay seasoning and chopped onions. Form into patties and fry in a cooking sprayed pan. Delicio!
= 1 meal + 1 Power fuel + 1 veggie

Banana Pudding
Nutrisystem Cookies- Crush cookies and press into the bottom of a remkin or mug. Add prepared sugar free banana pudding. Layer with bananas. Chill and eat.
= 1 snack + 1 smart carb + 1 extra

Spagetti and Meatballs
Nutrisystem Meatballs- Simply apply to the top of cooked spaghetti squash. Amore'!
= 1 meal + 1 veggie

Oh here's a good one!!!!!
Oatmeal Waffles
Nutrisystem Oatmeal- Put oatmeal in food processor and chop until fine. Add in one egg, Approx 1/4 cup milk (2% for me). Mix and add to waffle maker. (You can turn them into pancakes just the same). Top with spray butter and sugar free syrup.
=1 meal + 2 power fuels + 2 extras

Stuffed Peppers
Nutrisystem Hickory Smoked Beef Patty- Cook patty as directed. Cut and stuff into mini peppers. Sprinkle with cheese (optional) and place in toaster oven until pepper is hot.  What? Yes, I just skipped the bread!
=1 meal + Veggies

There you go. A few ideas. They all fit into the diet and a joy to eat.

Meanwhile, I plan to continue with Nutrisystem following the transition plans. They say if you can keep the weight off for a year then you pretty much got yourself under control. Lets hope.

I Still haven't had a Krispy Kreme doughnut in 17 Months and counting!!!! That's some control if you ask me.

Thanks for all the support from everyone especially my husband, daughter, parents, many church members, my besties Anne, Edwina and Robin. My Blogging Family. Nutrisystem Friends, My fitness Pals, And my FitBit buddies. Yall are always giving me the encouragement and complements I need to keep going. 


  1. That waffle recipe looks great = low carb and yummy!

    1. Ive done this with the flavored quaker instant oatmeal packs too!!!

    2. hello. do you have to count the sugar in the fkavored oatmeal as an extra?

    3. hello. do you have to count the sugar in the flavored oatmeal as an extra? Im totally new to Nutrisystem ��

    4. I dont. I have only used other oatmeal when Im eating a flex meal. After a few months, I eat a lot of my own foods but no I just counted it as a meal. I use the low sugar quacker oats when I have my own.

  2. you are so stinking creative, even in food. The pic's make the food look delicious.

    But most of all we admire your ability to stick to the plan and get where you want to. GREAT! Love from your home town

  3. They look better than I imagined

    1. yea. well, these here have be altered haha.

  4. Maintaining the weight takes more willpower than people imagine. : )
    All the food looks really good.

  5. An important ingredient you forgot, that make your recipes work...
    Good writing

  6. That stuff looks great to me! Maybe I should try it.

    1. It is pretty good stuff, even before I made them look good. ha

  7. Hi Lisa, wow you have done great with this diet! I like all of your recipes! I will have to try the waffles and other recipes. :)

  8. This week was a rough one. I have 20 pounds until goal, but was wondering if I should even bother. I lost weight... good enough, right? This has given me so motivation! I love cooking up new things. Can't wait to try these!

    1. Keep going Kim you can do it! You will loose it before you know it.

  9. Hello. I purchased the Nutrisystem fast 5 program.
    I love yoursite and all your recipes are amazing! i was wondering how i convert my own rwcipes like you did? i will be following the plan but once in a while i would like to use my own recipes. For example, oatmeal cookies. How do i calculate from my recipe, how many of the powerfuel, smartcarb, or extras it would be?

    Thank you,

  10. All looks great thank you for sharing .

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