New Toy for me

haven't been really busy in the blogging world the past few days because I have been tinkering with a new toy im fixing to tell you about, but first I'd like to thank you all for the birthday wishes that poured in. I had a great birthday. My daughter spent the weekend with us as we took a small beach trip. For my birthday, she gave me an Alex and Ani bracelet to add to my collection and a really cool beach shirt to wear over my bathing suit. Im excited beyond words for these precious meaningful gifts.

Now let me tell you about my new toy. I have been blogging and surfing the web from a little 3g netbook. It worked just fine but It was slow sometimes, so I wanted something more "up to date". I have been in a pickle trying to decide if I wanted a new lap top, a 2in1 tablet, a galaxy or an ipad. I finally decided on an ipad since I already have an iphone. I figured I'd be more familar with how it works.

Once my mind was made up, I started saving. In two months, I had saved a hundred dollars. Ha! At that rate, I'd be lucky to have enough saved by Fall. I give thanks to my health insurance cost for that, which breaks me each month. 
Well guess what, My sweet husband got me an iPad pro for my birthday. Im so thankful but also feel quilty that he did this. I feel so spoiled. He will be getting kisses for a long time. Ha.

So, basically this is a practice post. Im using the blogger app. Im hoping it all lines up right. Sure beats blogging from my iphone which I do sometimes. On this iPad, the on-screen keyboard is large and the screen is pleasant on my eyes.

I still have to play around with it a bit more to make sure I have all the settings and apps I want.
This will be my new "go to" for blogging and photos in the future. 

Im ending it here as I have no idea what else to say as my mind is frizzled. 


  1. Congratulations. And your practise post worked really, really well.

  2. Wonderful, wonderful, I am so happy for you and your post looks great. Your birthday sounds lovely. Belated Happy Birthday wishes. You do such a great job with your posts and I always look forward to reading them. Your humor is fun. Blessings.

  3. Happy belated birthday. Seems like your iPad is working fine. Look forward to more.

  4. how exciting. enjoy the new toy. your post came out fine.

  5. Nice!! I am commenting from my iPad right now, have had it for years and I love it!! Happy belated birthday, I must have missed a post - sorry, things have been nuts in my world lately....sigh

  6. The post came out looking great!!

  7. looks good to me

  8. I agree with the comments, all appears well. Glad you got the new toy, now try to be good. (Kisses 'forever' for the hubby sounds great! Nice and SWEET!

    Imma having trouble keeping up with technology!.....

  9. I blog from my iPad occasionally. We're now an Apple family with iPads, iPhones, desktops and I have a MacBook for work.
    I think you'll enjoy the toy.