This Bible

A few years ago, I'd say about ten years actually, I found this Bible in an old used desk drawer in an unoccupied area at work. I left it there thinking it may be used by someone.

More years went by and the Bible never moved. I loved the size of it and how soft and gently used it felt. I noticed it had a name and address stamped on the inside covers, back and front and around the gold leaf of the pages. This made me think that the owner of this Bible didn't want it lost.

I took the Bible, as I wondered, " maybe it was given to one of our workers from a customer that thought he could use it. Maybe it was stolen or maybe an employee left it when he left the business". As all these thoughts crossed my mind, I took it anyway. I could use it. I wanted a Bible this size to keep in my car. You never know when you need to pull out some instructions while on the road. 

I ended up keeping it in my car for about five years occasionally looking up scripture when I was in question about something. Like I said "instructions".

Well recently I decided to purchase a nice larger print Bible to use. That's when I decided to use the stamped address and mail it back to the owner. I sorta always felt guilty having it anyway. It was not mine.

Here's the funny thing....

The person the Bible belonged to, lived only two blocks away from me. We even walk past his house on our daily walks. I just could not bring myself to deliver it to him personally. I though it would just be too weird that we were neighbors and its been so long since the Bible was found.

So, I wrote a short note, put the note inside the Bible and remained anonymous. I didn't even put a return address on the package.

It felt good to put it in the mail. I hope he was excited about finally getting his Bible back. Or was he? Maybe it really was suppose to be a gift and he might feel sad.

What would you have done in my case? Did I do the right thing? Maybe it was meant for me to have for a while. Maybe it all turned out the way it was suppose too. Anyhow, I've seen this neighbor out a few times and I just smile because he got his Bible back. 

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  1. Now I like this. I can conjure up many stories of the owner when the Bible returned. I used to use flash stories to tell kids stories. One was called. "A boat twice owned", A toy boat lost and found years later.
    We have several Bibles. The one I look at at times in my shop is one I carried in service, but alas the print has shrunk! ;-)
    Thanks for a 'sweet' read!