October Beach

October is usually when we take our last trip to the beach for the year. My husband says "we can maybe make it down here one more time". But then I see him purchase the big bottles of pink stuff and pull out the pump to also blow out the lines. I know then, that the camper will be winterized and no way will he want to come down for a day or two just to mess that up and re winterize it again.

This trip was nice with temperatures in the 40's during the morning and warming up to the 80's by noon. We even got wet in the ocean. It was cold but we had to get a last dip.

We did a lot of walking up and down the beach as I like to look for sand dollars, sea glass, drift wood and odd sea life. I didn't find of those things and the only sea life we saw was a huge stingray reeled in by a surf fisherman. It was beautiful and probably weighed two hundred pounds or more. I didn't have my camera with me to get a photo. "I know, bloggers nightmare". 

We also spotted something cute and furry on the beach. Just laying there half alive soon to be supper for the seagulls. It was a bat! Yes a bat on the beach! Again.. No camera! 

We did more walking around the campground wishing and dreaming of having a place down there that was permanent with an address.

Later on in the afternoon we ate at our favorite joint called Hamburger Joe's. My husband had a burger while I had a fried bologna sandwich loaded with slaw onions and chili

and we never turn down getting an order of Joe's Gold Wings for an appetizer.

None of this was good for my diet but who counts calories on vacation? 

Well the beach is back two hundred miles from us again as we now prepare for the holidays and Christmas. I'm counting the days until spring so we can return and drain the pink stuff out of the lines. AKA antifreeze.

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  1. The food looks awesome. I love the shadow shot, great imagination you have.
    Funny you should mention winterizing. I just thought today maybe we come South just to keep from winterizing. LOL
    You guys will have a great winter, and spring will be here before youknow it, the same with us, we will head back North, at present, not knowing where to head. Take care, I enjoy stopping by for a nice read.