Pumpkin Painting

My Daughter spent this past weekend at home (she does this at least once a month). We spent the weekend shopping, baking some goodies, preparing candy and painting pumpkins. 
Pumpkins were not all we painted....

My husband had to get his fun in with a little paint fight. They are always at it. He'd much rather do the picking than helping. These two are more like brother and sister than daddy and daughter.

I wanted to keep my pumpkin with a fall look so I could use it throughout November. I started by painting the already white pumpkin, white. Yea, my husband didn't understand that either. Its like applying makeup, just gives it a good base.

Then I drew my initial and applied live leaves with modpodge. 

My Daughter is having a get together at her apartment for Halloween, so she wanted to go with more of a Halloween theme and created a "day of the dead" skull face.

I think it turned out great. 

We painted instead of carving them this time because its less mess and pie pumpkins are not to good for carving. 

She is gone back home now and it always leaves me a little sad. I'm usually ok by the time I get the house back in order and start a new week. 

Her next over night visit, we will be preparing for Thanksgiving and trying some new recipes.


  1. I like the Daddy daughter fun. I like the mama daughter fun because it produced some great stuff. I never thought of painting the whole pumpkin, that turned out great. You guys have something special,that is a smile thought!
    Oh, I could not find a 'motorcycle' apple up at Bat CAve, but they did get a laugh out of it. BUT I found a new one on me, 'The Pink Lady' crisp and tart. We are now in Florida and still enjoying them.
    Sending love and good thoughts your way! This is always a fun visit!