Motorcycle Apples

Motorcycle Apples- That's the response I gave when my parents came back from the mountains with a bag of apples.

After one bite of these apples I immediately text my dad and asked...
Me: "What kind of apples are these?" 
Dad: "I cant remember the name but it was something that sounded like suzuki as in motorcycle".
Me: "Well they're are really good".
Dad: "Glad you like them. Enjoy your motorcycles".

I got a little chuckle and began referring to them as motorcycle apples. 

After returning to the mountains for more, Dad found out that the correct name for these delicious apples is "SI-ZUKI". I could not find them anywhere on the internet but found "Shizuka" apples.
Shizuka Apples are a very sweet and juicy apple that deliver a pleasantly surprising, tropical flavor with hints of pineapple.
That pretty much explains these motorcycle apples which are crispy and juicy with a sweet and sour taste. Either way. They are perfect for making just about anything that requires apples. I like to eat them alone or drizzled with caramel. I think they are the best apples I've ever had.

My sister-in-law made me some homemade caramel that was out of this world. I used some to create these apple nachos that quickly disappeared. 
Just another thing I like about fall. The smell of apples. I will also boil a few with some cinnamon to make my home smell welcoming. Oh and ill eat that too.

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  1. I love that, the MOtorcycle Apple. I love it reading when I do no know where the writer is going., Neat surprise. I looked over at Sherry and said, "Lisa puts the prettiest stuff on this blog." She got here first and had already read it. "She sure does made me want a motorcycle apple. with camel". She was right.
    ME TOO! I love fall for the apples...
    Neat entry!

    Oh yeah, I heard a bird today!!!!!.