Painting with Friends

haven't written a blog post in a while. I have been down in the dumps with my back pain. It seems to get a little better each day but its now going on week 5 and I still suffer. Two doctor visits and an x-ray later, there are no answers. Its still most likely a pinched nerve. But enough of that. Lets get on to the fun paint party I attended despite the pain.

I was tired of laying around the house and wanted to get out.
My friend Edwina asked me to go to a paint party down by the river at what used to be a fish camp that is now a Raw bar. A paint instructor has a room set aside next to the balcony where friends get together to paint the picture of the week.

I had to get a shot (unedited) of that beautiful sunset over the droughted and thirsty river. By the way, we finally have rain now after a month of dryness.

The sun goes down earlier now making the room low light so it was rather hard to see. But we managed and had a great time. This week we painted a pumpkin to bring in the fall.

It was fun watching everyone else paint too. None of us were masters at this so it was fun to see how everyone's turned out. The instructor was great.

Everyone's painting turned out awesome. I was even pleased at how mine turned out. So much that you can find it sitting in my Etsy shop for sale. Yep, going to actually see if I can sale one of my paintings. Never thought about doing that with my other ones from the past. I heard some of the other girls mention that they will sale theirs. So hey, why not.

I hope to get well and back into the swing of things really soon. We may even try out another paint party in town. Its nice to settle down with a paint brush and canvas.  It's relaxing and all the bad things going on around seem to just disappear while I step into my paint mood.

I found a large canvas in my closet the other day. I cant wait to turn it into another painting.

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  1. Those are very good, I like them the colors are very nicely set. I love to paint, I keep trying to get in the mood. Maybe this will help when we get back down to Florida and are THROUGH with doctors for awhile.
    Sweet entry, hope the back continues to imporve, and you can enjoy the Fall.