Mail from the North Pole

It may be to early to talk about Santa but I just wanted to share this.

The other day I just had to complement a facebook friend on his beautiful singing voice and kind heart. Believe it or not, he goes by Storybook Santa. He is the best Santa around and just happens to spread his love to the children at a department store at a mall in my City. He is well known by everyone (of course). Children line up to tell him everything they want for Christmas. They all have that excited look on there faces as they get to talk with the white bearded, rosy cheek jolly fellow with Mrs. Claus there by his side.

The other day, I go to the mail box and guess what......
There it was.....

A package from yours truly...Official stamp and all.

Included in the package were two CDs, a letter from Mrs. Claus and a picture. I was really excited. I will share the CDs with my Dad who likes Gospel music and I think he will enjoy it.

It makes me happy to know there are good hearted, Christian people still in this world that work hard to spread kindness and bring smiles to everyone they come in contact with. This man does not know me and I dont even know his real name but I can call him a friend and know he and his wife are good people who use themselves as a witness.

Do you believe in Santa? I asked a similar question back in December and then added my thoughts on the subject. You can find it  HERE.

Storybook Santa has a you tube site you can hear him sing HERE. Sound like Elvis to me.
What do you think?

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