College Family Day

Today was family day at the college my daughter attends and my husband and I were invited to the Kappa Delta luncheon with her.

It was in the new sorority house.
 It was nice and quiet and the food was rather delicious.
They served us BBQ with all the sides and cupcakes made by the sorority sisters. 
After lunch, we decided to take a walk the Starbucks in the Student Union for a pumpkin spice latte. 
 Here is my husband and daughter picking at each other on the way there.
After getting our caffeine fix, we noticed they were having an International festival over in the distance and so we took another walk.
There was art, food, music, history, and dance representing different parts of the world.
 We got a chuckle out of the fact that the college is made up of so many different nationalities, it was hard to tell who were students and parents or who were representatives.  

The Bratwurst really looked good here in Germany.

 Not sure what they were writing for everyone here in Pakistan but everyone was lined up for it.
This guy had this little girl singing. So, cute.

 People dancing
Here I am at China. "I think I rock the hat. haha".

I was unprepared for this event and due to the crowd, it was hard to take any good pictures or taste any of the foods but it was fun.  Having lunch and hanging around with my daughter was the real treat.

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