Crocheted Boot Cuffs

Summer is getting behind us and Fall is moving in. Winter will be here before you know it. Winter is my least favorite time of the year but this year I'm gonna try and make the best of it and try not to whine to much about it. Too me, the less I have to wear, the more comfortable I am. I do not like bulk.

But speaking of bulk, I made these cute little boot cuffs to wear with my boots this winter. Who wants bulky thick socks under their pant legs that are already squished in the boots? Not me.

They fit down into my boots about 4 inches and extend over the top about 4 inches, I can wear them up or roll them down over the top of my boots.

For the skinny minis out there, some of these would be great to fill the gaps between your boot tops and legs to add warmth.

I know in some states, socks are needed but from where I live, we will rarely get lower that 35 degrees. So all that thick winter wear is not worth buying.


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    1. No turorial. sorry. I wasnt sure how these things would turn out. It was just an experiment. If I do another pair, I will try and show and tell.