DIY Gift Bow

Have you ever had to wrap a last minute gift and just hated to go out and buy a bow somewhere just to be torn off later? Well, your gonna like this. I came across a great idea on making my own with an old magazine laying around and attempted the task.

Go get a magazine, scissors, glue stick and stapler and make one with me.

Here we go....

I found a fishing magazine. Who don't love little fishes right?

I tore out a page (magazine pages are slick and shiny)
Cut 13 strips (top to bottom of page) about 1/2 inch wide.
Leave 3 full length
Cut one inch off 3
Cut two inches off 3
Cut three inches off 3
Cut the last piece down to about 3 inches long (this will be your center loop)

With 12 of the strips, fold into a figure 8. Use glue stick to hold in place.
With the last strip, fold into a circle and glue to hold.

With each 4 sizes, place together like a flower and staple the middles.

Then place each flower inside the larger flower and staple all together as one bow.
Then glue the circle loop in the center to finish off.

Now you have a little bow to use.

Secret: This was my first one. I'm sure they will get better with practice. 

I think these would be really cute made with recycled maps or newspaper too.

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  1. Lisa! I love your bow!! Thank you so much for this tutorial. I am definitely going to try this out. PS I can't believe that bow was made out of a fishing lure ad! : )

    1. Funny! I didnt even realize. I was just seeing colorful fish. lol. goes to show how much I know bout fishing. Thank you for the sweet comment. glad you like it.

  2. love this idea! it's makes the gift that more personal when making the bow from a magazine of items the person enjoys (ex the fishing lure page :O) )

  3. I love these~I'm going to try to make some this weekend. Thanks for the tutorial!

  4. I featured your great project today!

  5. Love it! It so much more interesting and fun looking than those plain 'ol bows you buy at the store. Great tutorial!