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Poke Bowls

We always try to visit new eating places that come to town. The most recent is a place called Poke Bros . It is a franchise so there are other locations in different areas. I was excited to see one open up around here.

I have never had a Poke' Bowl so I was excited to try it.
I guess you wonder what it is. Right?
Well a Poke' Bowl is a Hawaiian Cuisine and basically Sushi in a bowl. If you like Sushi, you will like these. If you do not like Sushi then you still need to try it. What most non Sushi eaters do not understand is that Sushi is not always "raw" fish. I will not eat anything raw, not even cookie dough.

Poke' Bros. was a small "hole in the wall" place, located on the East side of town. The bright glowing sign hung above the entrance.

I could not help but think the sign pointed to the bakery next door.

As we entered, we walked up to the counter and placed our order. You can create your own bowl or pick from one of their signature bowls which is exactly what we did.

I chose from #3. The Hula (shrimp). Again. I stay away from the raw fish and stick with shrimp or crab meat. My bowl was loaded with meat and veggies. They added several sauces and toppings that I could not even pronounce. It was all perfectly layered on a mound of extra sticky, sticky rice.

The staff was super nice and offered us samples of sauces before they applied them to our bowls. They even let Nick sample a few pieces of raw fish that was cut into thick cubes. He liked it but I refused to even try it.

We were satisfied and amazed at how good the food was. We finished off our meal with some delicious Mochi Ice Cream

Mochi is ice cream wrapped in rice dough. They are fun to eat. I talked about them before on another post here.

We plan to visit Poke Bros again and try different varieties each time.

Have you ever tried Poke' Bowls?

Trying new things

This weekend was about like any other weekend as I tried to find things to do and places to go. My daughter was home from college, so like always, we got to catch up on a lot of talk. I love the bond we have and can talk about anything just like best friends. After I got away from the office chair, we decided to go to the mall and look around for new things to wear, Christmas gift ideas and ......CUPCAKES!
Yes, there is a new cupcake place in the mall. I will be talking more about that little experience in one of my upcoming post. [spoiler] We are currently on a mission right now to find the best cupcake.

Sunday was quite nice too. After hearing a great sermon at church, me and my daughter went out to eat with my Mom and Dad at a local Chinese buffet. Those are always good on Sunday. I wish I had gotten a picture of my Dad as he tried his first bite of sushi. Needless to say he did not like it but it cured his curiosity about eating it. Its just one of those foods that if you don't like it, you wish you did.

Sadly we had to take my daughter back to school. This always saddens me. My husband will usually take me out afterwards and that usually cheers me up. This time before heading back to the house, we stopped at a Brixx Pizza. Its new in the area and we always like to try the new places at least once.
It was nice and clean inside.
It doesn't take much to entertain me so I thought it was pretty neat that beside our table was a wall made of chalk board and pieces of chalk on the ledge.
I was tempted the whole time, and yes, eventually I wrote my initials on it.

Then there's the pizza. The pizzas are all made with thin crust and are all one size (The size that was to much for one but not quite enough for two, but since we try to eat light, it was perfect for us). They had many different kinds of pizzas to choose from. After trying to decide on the one we wanted, we finally decided on the veggie pizza. We chose the wheat crust and It came with mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, onions, broccoli and cheese. I do not know what they were thinking, but broccoli does not belong on a pizza. But it was good! Next time I think Ill try the Margarita pizza.

My First Sushi Date

I have always looked with confusion yet amazed at the sushi on Chinese buffets I visit from time to time. Yes I love Chinese food. I have dared myself a time or two to try this fun looking food, but never with any satisfaction of the taste, texture or even the thought of what I might be eating. So Sushi was not on the top of my food diet. However, My daughter has come to like it and wanted to take me on a Sushi date at a reputable restaurant that specialized in Sushi. I thought ok so what could hurt. Its never killed anyone that I know of and everyone seems to have fun eating this funny looking food. So I took her up on her offer. After looking at the menu, for what seemed to take about 15 minutes to decide, I finally agreed to a dish that was made up of seafood that I was familiar with. I can call it "seafood" right? After all, it is made up of raw fish and sea creatures.

When they brought it to the table I had my mind set to dig in. Needless to say. Again, I didn't like it but I tried very hard to eat it. I was full of questions and the waitress was very helpful. I just wished I'd asked all the questions before I ordered. After knowing a few things on what I was really eating and options they have such as "tempura" which means lightly fried, I was willing to give it another try on another day. So couple weeks later I picked a local place in town and we tried it again. This time I got what was called a "Gastonia Roll" and I loved it, well no, I just liked it really good. It was made up of fried shrimp, avocado and cream cheese, wrapped in seaweed (that's the black papery stuff around the sushi) and rolled in rice with a piece of fried Salmon on top. They say tempura, I say fried. I'm from the South and that's just how it is. They forgot to add a side of potatoes.