My First Sushi Date

I have always looked with confusion yet amazed at the sushi on Chinese buffets I visit from time to time. Yes I love Chinese food. I have dared myself a time or two to try this fun looking food, but never with any satisfaction of the taste, texture or even the thought of what I might be eating. So Sushi was not on the top of my food diet. However, My daughter has come to like it and wanted to take me on a Sushi date at a reputable restaurant that specialized in Sushi. I thought ok so what could hurt. Its never killed anyone that I know of and everyone seems to have fun eating this funny looking food. So I took her up on her offer. After looking at the menu, for what seemed to take about 15 minutes to decide, I finally agreed to a dish that was made up of seafood that I was familiar with. I can call it "seafood" right? After all, it is made up of raw fish and sea creatures.

When they brought it to the table I had my mind set to dig in. Needless to say. Again, I didn't like it but I tried very hard to eat it. I was full of questions and the waitress was very helpful. I just wished I'd asked all the questions before I ordered. After knowing a few things on what I was really eating and options they have such as "tempura" which means lightly fried, I was willing to give it another try on another day. So couple weeks later I picked a local place in town and we tried it again. This time I got what was called a "Gastonia Roll" and I loved it, well no, I just liked it really good. It was made up of fried shrimp, avocado and cream cheese, wrapped in seaweed (that's the black papery stuff around the sushi) and rolled in rice with a piece of fried Salmon on top. They say tempura, I say fried. I'm from the South and that's just how it is. They forgot to add a side of potatoes.

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