Whats up Downtown

Saturday, the town I live in held a celebration in its honor. There were games and jump houses for kids, several bands, car shows, funnel cakes, etc. I even got to meet Ronald McDonald! As me and my husband walked through the streets we could smell the cookers and smokehouses of BBQ. It smelled so good and made me hungry. I thought I could get a taste of the BBQ but it was just a cook off amongst the BBQ chefs. So, we went into a little cafe uptown where I got me a gourmet hot dog.

"G-Town" dog. It was delicious! I didn't even think of taking this
 picture until it was half eaten. 

A couple of the cars in the car show.

They even had wine tasting from a local winery.

Later that evening we returned to the streets where they were having an Oktoberfest with several bands, beer and dancing. I even participated in a demo, with my dance class while the band took a break. It was fun but it was cold! We didnt stay long. Just long enough for me to dance then we headed out to eat. Events like this are nice because you get to see friends, mingle and support the town you live in. Three years ago this place was like a ghost town.

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  1. Woodmill wine is the best tasting wine!!