Crafty Pumpkins

I'm not a big fan of the Fall season but I do the best I can to enjoy it. So,I seen a really neat craft-pumpkin Idea on confessions of a former couch potato and just had try it. It was really easy. Me and my daughter made 3 of them. She took one for her college dorm, gave one to a friend and I kept one for myself. I thought they were adorable and they also have an aroma to brighten up the season.

Here is how you do it:
  • Roll of toilet paper
  • Seasonal colored fabric squares ( can be found at any cloth or craft store)
  • News Paper
  • Raffia ( found at any craft store) or Ribbon.
  • Cinnamon sticks (I like the smell of Cinnamon) or craft sticks.
Open the fabric square with print side down. Cut or tear a piece of newspaper to the same size or slightly smaller than the fabric square. This will give it a litte bit more puffiness.

Place the toilet paper in the center and bring the fabric up and tuck it inside the roll ( I pulled up the sides first and then the corners. It seemed to do better that way).

Tuck the cinnamon sticks in the center and tie a bow around it with your raffia or ribbon.

That's it!!! See, It's easy and you don't need any glue or tape.

Speaking of pumpkins....I just had to share this photo of a Jack-o-Lantern my daughter carved for the first time without My help! If I had been around when she did this, I would had been scared to death to see her with a knife and a pumpkin!


  1. Wow-- Lisa! I didn't know you had started your own blog! Great job and I love the name!!! So glad you make the TP pumpkins. I got the idea from "Fashion Meets Food." I thought they were so cute! Can't wait to read more of your blog! --Liz

  2. love the idea! i'll have to try it! :O)