As I was reading another blog post from a friend, It made me think about my childhood. Jack over on the ShipLog Blog wrote a post about homemade kites and how as a child he would fly kites made out of brown paper his dad would bring home from the dry cleaners. You can enjoy his post HERE.

This made me think about how I used to love it when momma would make us homemade kites. She would tell us to go find two straight sticks. This would get us out of her hair for a little while. We would run out into the woods and pick the perfect ones. Then we would bring the sticks into momma and she would make us a kite out of the daily news paper. If I can recall, she would use ribbon and bows for the tail. 

Sometimes they would fly and sometimes they wouldn’t but I would find an open area without any power lines or trees and take off running. The kite would often be bouncing on the ground behind me until a good wind would grab it and take it into the air. The open area I found was often just the dirt road in front of the house. Trees were all over but to an eight  year old, the space above my head was forever clear. 

The homemade kites never made it past a couple hours as either they would tear up from dragging the ground, fought over it with my sister and brothers or stuck in a tree. 

Now days I still like kites. I have a real store bought one at the beach that I keep in the camper just incase I want to fly it. It’s nothing fancy and its small but It’s fun to fly on the beach were It will reach sun. 


  1. Ah ha! I notice Google doesn't want me to post here, but at least I can comment as anon. But I was thinking at least I know one girl who flew and still can fly a kite. NICE! You describe the incidents just right. I loved the day with wind good enough to start without running, but most times we did have to run to get them up 10-15 ft. so they would continue. Thanks for the shout-out and also for the reminders of them circling to the ground when you werent looking back as you ran.
    Love from a pretty Florida day
    The anon gypsies, Sherry & jack
    PS I still do not know why I can't post, it is something about 3rd party somethings. still working on it.. I can post on blogs that allow anon comments. ;-)

  2. I enjoyed flying kites too but it has been many years since I've done it.