Secret Santa

While at work the other day, me and some of the girls in my unit were looking at a post on Facebook from our local animal shelter.
The post was asking people to choose a pet from the shelter and be their Secret Santa. We jumped on the idea and started choosing a pet.

The choice was hard as I scrolled through the sad faces of pets waiting to be adopted or fostered. One pet caught my eye. He was a black 2 year old Terrier named “Meatloaf”. He did not have a Secret Santa yet so I reached out. They accepted my request and just like that I had a pet to shop for.

Me and one of the other girls decided we wanted to drop off our gifts during our lunch hour the next day. After work I stopped by he dollar store for a couple doggy things for Meatloaf. I found him a blanket, ball and a teether bone. 

When we arrived the next day with our gifts, they took them to a drop off area and said they will give the pets the gifts after they are looked through and approved. 
While we were there, they took us back to see the dogs. I havent been in the animal shelter since I was a little girl and thats when we went to pick out a pet cat. 

The animals were so pitiful. They gave us a little tour of the building and we got to see all of the dogs. They would bark and cry as we walked by. But not Meatloaf. He just stood in is cage with his nose pressed against the cell bars. As I walked away from him, he litterally laid his nose in his elbow and had a depressing look on his face as if he was unwanted and I was just another person to turn him down. But, “sorry Meatloaf, I was not there to adopt. I can’t have a pet due to allergies and commitment but Santa will visit you soon”. We left the building and the looks on those animals faces will forever be stamped in my mind. 

The next day, this video popped up on FB. It was Meatloaf receiving his gift. He was so excited. This made me smile. 

Click below for the Facebook video.

If you are looking for a pet, consider adopting or fostering from your local animal rescue shelter. They need a home and someone to love them. I can only imagine the feeling of taking one of these pets home and seeing the look on their face in the back seat of the car while heading to a loving home. 


  1. Well if that isn't the TOPS!!!! How Sweet and idea and a great video. I couldn't go to the shelter I would want them all. LOL Our lifestyle (for us) doesn't have room for live pets, so we have the cast dog outside by our name... Great idea you had. LOve it.

    Sherry & jack smiling and 78 degrees....

  2. Aww, Meatloaf is adorable. I hope he finds a forever home soon. I have a two cats and a dog and they're all rescues. I can't look at pics of the others or I'll want to bring them all home and I can't.

  3. Oh that is so sad. I think I would have had to take Meatloaf home with me. My dog Sammy Jo was from a rescue. She was a yellow lab and the smartest dog I've ever had. We got her as a puppy.
    Back then you just walked in, picked out a dog, paid $5 and you took the animal home. My daughter adopted a pet and it was like adopting a child. They had to be approved, came to the house and also talked to neighbors. Seems a bit overboard when there are so many animals that need a home.

  4. That was so sweet! Meatloaf has such a precious face. I am allergic like you. I haven't been to a pet shelter in quite awhile, but found one of the best pets ever when younger from one.