Branch Weave

I have been having a little fun with weaving lately. A couple post ago, I shared some things I created by weaving on a homemade loom. In case you missed it, you can find it HERE.

Then I learned about a thing called “Branch Weaving”. I looked at a few pictures and thought, “Hmmm, I think I can make that”. On high interest, I kept looking around. What is branch weaving and what do you do with it? Here is what I found.

1. Branch weaving started back 12000 years ago in the Neolithic times. Branches and twigs were interlaced to create fences and shelter.
2. Fiber artist created many different styles of branch weaving and no two are alike.
3. Creators make branch weaving as art to hang on walls. You can find them for sale on Etsy and other sites.
4. Some list for over 800.00! Smaller ones like mine are selling for approximately 50.00 each.

I just wanted to see if I could do it. There is just something about bringing nature indoors and creating something unique. 

I went out into the yard and found a twig from the only tree in the yard. The dogwood tree. 
I brought it in and had my husband cut it to the length I wanted. After a little rough sanding to get some of the loose dirt and bark off, I began stringing it from left to right. 
Then I grabbed a few colors and started weaving, making it up and winging it as I go. I was not sure how it would look until it was completed. 

I just impressed myself with this one. I loved the natural colors. If there was anything I would change about it would be to make the fringe longer. But hey, it’s my first one. Probably will not be my last one. Who knows, I am likely to find more nature to play with with. Stay tuned because I have another idea. 


  1. That's a fun piece. I have never seen that done before. xo Diana

  2. This is interesting. Yes the color is good, but the first thing I thought of is she is using Brother Nick's sling shop prongs. LOL Yep the Dogwood is the best for those equal prongs. LOL
    Love from down here, nice stuff.
    Sherry & jack glad we can at lest comment ANON!