Tuesday 4- Let’s Talk About September

Welcome to Tuesday 4- A fun question post continued in the memory of Toni Tadeo, It’s original author. 

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Now, Let’s have some fun.

1. When you were in school or university, did you look forward to returning? Why or Why not?

I would be excited for the first couple days. It was fun to meet the teachers and see friends you didn’t see over the summer. After a about a week, I was done. I hated school and did not excel very well. I really struggled through school. I also have a fear of humiliation hence why I do not do well getting up in front of people. I would have rather taken a zero than to get up in front of class and speak or do an oral book report. So, no, I did not look forward to it. 

2. September has Labor Day, which, for many is the signal of Summer’s end and Fall’s grand entrance. Do you celebrate Labor Day in any way or is it just a day off for you?

Until a year ago, I never had a job that allowed me to have Labor Day off. I enjoyed this Labor Day off. My husband had the day off too. We spent it looking around antique shops and thrift stores then we stopped for some Ice cream. It was a rainy day but we made the best of it. We ended the day by grilling out steaks and watching some football. 

3. September's birthstone is the Sapphire which is 2nd only to a diamond in hardness. (Ruby is a red sapphire by the way) It comes in many colors.  Do you know your birthstone and do you like it?

My daughter’s birthstone is Sapphire. I think it’s a beautiful gem. I was born in May. My birthstone is “Emerald”. I do not own anything with my birthstone attached. Green is not a color I like but I do like a shiny genuine Emerald. 

4. September's birth flower is the Astor. What is yours ?

My birth flower is “Lily of the Valley”. Being a minimalist, this type of flower would be something I would love displayed in a vase at home.

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  1. I should have looked forward to returning to school, but I don't think I ever did. I dropped out, but I shouldn't have. BUT I attended enough schools afterwards to deserve a doctorate. LOL
    September is OUR month. We will have been married OVER 66 years when life goes to October. ;-)