Snow Day and Poof

I am currently snowed in from our first snow of the season. We got 4 inches of snow. Ok Northerners, before you laugh. Yes, it was only 4 inches of snow but there is 2 inches of ice underneath it and another layer of ice on top from the 5 hours of sleet and freezing rain we had after the snow. 
When we say “snowed in”, it means we do not want to attempt the hazardous roads. People around here are not used to driving in ice or snow, so we aint that good at it. But, we can actually drive or walk to the grocery store half a mile away if we needed to. 

I have been wanting to crochet a poof ( foot stool). The other day I went to my local craft store and right in the center of the isle were bins full with the type of yarn I needed to create such a project. It was on sale at half price so I grabbed four skeins of blanket weight yarn. I wasn’t sure how many I actually needed. Yellow was the only color I could find with four of the same color. 

I only needed two skeins so I will be returning the other two. 

I worked on this poof a couple nights while watching some of my favorite shows. Today since I wanted to stay in from the winter storm, I cozied up in my recliner and finished crocheting my poof. 

This was also great way to get rid of some old raggedy blankets I had stashed away. They were some old ugly crocheted blankets from Nicks grandmother. They did not hold much value to him but I felt bad to throw them away. They worked great to stuff my poof. This saved me from the expense of polly fill stuffing and I was able to do some decluttering. 

I like the way if turned out though I have no idea where to use it. I just wanted the challenge of making one. I suppose I could use it in the camper or just let it take up some space in my room. It is sorta cute sitting in the corner of the bedroom. 

I also found the bottom of my laundry basket and dyed my hair.

What is the weather like where you are? Are you experiencing cold or warm temperatures? 


  1. Your poof looks great. I color my hair at home, too. I have tried having it done at salons, but it looks better when I do it myself. Great use of the old blankets, by the way!

  2. The poof came out great Lisa. I like the idea of using the old blankets to fill the ball. We have very cold weather here and I'm looking forward to spring weather.

  3. Oh I think your poof foot stool came out great!! and I LOVE that you stuffed it with old blankets. The minute I saw what you were doing I was thinking I have to try this but what will I stuff it with?....Im originally from New Jersey so I know about snow and cold but been living in South Carolina for eighteen years and now anything below 60 is cold and no we don't get much snow here if any.. Mostly none but we do get ice and ice is a HUGE no no for me. I remember back in 2014 we had that ice storm and the power was knocked out here for weeks on end. Sure people from up north make fun of us but they don't understand that we don't have snow plows etc here because we rarely if EVER need them so yes, when it does snow and or ice we shut down because we don't have the equipment to deal with it and besides, come May and it's 80 here and they're all still freezing, well you know..LOL it balances the fun making out....

  4. I used to color my hair at home now but never was able to do a good enough job! Now I go to a friend and she charges me a lot less than a salon does! I like your poof and it was great that you could use old blankets to stuff it with!

  5. Your footstool is really cool!! I like it.
    I used to dye my hair, got tired of doing it, then had it done, and a few years ago just let my gray hair grow out. My hair now is pretty much all white.
    Don't know exactly now much snow we have so far but it is over a foot and still snowing. Will dig ourselves out tomorrow.

  6. We got about 7 inches of snow here in Pittsburgh. I love that poof!! What a great idea and fantastic way to recycle old blankets! Brilliant!