Honey Bear

How is everyones New Year coming along? Mine is starting off slow. My daughter caught the covid bug two days before New Years Day and I haven’t seen her since Christmas. She’s fine now but I still miss her. She fought it off like a champ and It was killing me not to be there for her. But I would have sacrificed my health to go help her if she had needed me too. Me and Nick have still been able to dodge it…Knock on wood.  
Also, have been trying to lose some weight by eating better and, well, nothing happening there. Even thought I have cut back a little, looks like I will need to cut back a little more because I have lost one, maybe two, pounds so far. Those two pounds can show back up anytime of the week. It is discouraging. I have been doing a little exercise each day but I need to up that too. I am just so darn tired when I get up in the mornings and even more tired when I get home from work. I love my job but when I get home, I just want to crash. 

Once the days start getting longer, me and Nick will be able to get back to walking. 
Speaking of walking. When we go on our walks, we will usually find a penny or two. Sometimes a nickel or dime. The most we have ever found was a twenty dollar bill. 
I follow “Life is Good” blog. Karen is an avid walker, rain, snow or ice, nothing can stop her. Each day she blogs about her day, shares recipes, scriptures and crafts. Her posts usually include her walks and how much change she finds. I had commented on one of her post and mentioned how I plan to get a jar and collect only the change we find on our walks to see how much we can collect in a year. 
Nick was following our mail on his mail app and it was showing I had a package on the way. I kept assuring him that I had not made anymore purchases and had no idea what was coming. Then a few days later, I found a package on my porch. I brought it in and immediately cut it open. To my surprise, I pulled out the cutest little honey bear jar from Karen.

It had a little note attached saying she thought I might enjoy using it to collect my walking change in. She remembered my comment. I was so surprised and now I am excited to start filling it up. I love getting happy mail. It really did cheer me up. Again, Karen, if your reading this, thank you again. 

How has your New Years been going so far? I hope everyone is well and blessed. 


  1. I hear you. We have 5 people in the family with Covid and it has been horrible. My daughter had a horrible surgery and I could not even go there to help with her recovery because I had been exposed. Crazy!

    I remember those little bear banks. I think honey came in them. I haven't seen one in years. What a fun surprise. I follow her blog also and am always so impressed with her walking come rain or shine.

    Have a wonderful week and glad your daughter is doing well. xo Diana

  2. Glad your daughter is feeling better. This virus is crazy. It's hard to eat better when the days are so cold and all you want is comfort food. Fattening comfort food. My husband and I will start walking again once it warms up though. We never find any change. I did find a fifty dollar bill on the floor of a restaurant once. I think someone was going to pay their bill and probably dropped it. What a cute jar Karen sent you. So thoughtful.

  3. How special is that sweet honey jar bank?? Covid has hit our family, too. Sabrina and Rayne both have it as does Kaitlyn and Chris....Louis Dean's great granddaughter and his granddaughter's husband. I need to start walking again too. And do my yoga. I exercised every day for over 30 years and now I don't. I'm still plenty active but I need to be heart healthy.

  4. I'm sorry about your daughter and Covid. It is hitting a lot now it seems. I turn into a big lazy hibernating bear in the cold weather. Wish I didn't but I do, so I understand how hard it is for you to walk. You always inspire me so I'm hoping to get up and get some exercise myself. I may have to do it inside but going to do it!
    Take care and hope all the sick are well soon this is getting old. So many around us have it. Praying and thanking God for all His blessings.

  5. I don't think there's too many families that haven't been impacted by Covid now. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better. That was a very thoughtful gift Karen sent you.

  6. Hi Lisa,
    I'm sorry to hear your daughter was sick, I hope she's better now? Our new year is okay... Hubby started getting sick last Friday and while he's feeling a tiny bit better he's still sick. We tested for covid and he was negative so thinking maybe the flu. If he's not feeling much better by tomorrow he's going to go be tested for the flu. You're trying to lose weight and I'm trying to gain it. Want to swap?...LOL... That little bear is a adorable!... I would like to start walking again too when the weather gets just a little warmer. I haven't been because I was afraid it would make me lose more weight which I can't afford to do but I feel SO good after a walk so I may try again and just see how it goes. Thanks for sharing about Karens Blog. I'm going to over to her blog because I think I'd like reading her posts...

  7. What a thoughtful and lovely gift! I love to get unexpected mail!!! Cool! So glad your daughter is on the mend - this COVID is getting really old at this point! UGH! Stay safe

  8. Lisa, I'm so sorry your daughter got the virus. I do hope she feels better soon. That's great that you are walking. My son goes on walks all the time and comes across deer often. They say when you find a penny it's so special. I have kept pennies that I've found in a little vase. I remember those honey bear jars, they're so cute. I'll check out her blog. I hope this year brings you much joy and peace, Lisa, and I hope you get to see your daughter soon. I miss my daughters too, and hope to see them this Spring. : )


  9. You are so very welcome Lisa, glad you like the bear and thanks for the blog mention. :)

    Sorry about your daughter and hope she's back to health soon.
    Covid is going crazy around my area.
    Thankfully we both have stayed healthy.

  10. I keep hearing about intermitent fasting. Also, of course low carb. I have had success with both.

  11. I'm glad your daughter is feeling better Lisa. It's been so cold here the past few days, but once it gets warmer I want to start walking again.