Meal Time Names

Sometimes we will get into this little disagreement on what we call our meal times. 

Some people call lunch, “dinner”.
My husband calls supper “dinner”. 
But I think he’s wrong and we will go round and round about it. 
Seriously yall, if this is all we have to argue about then I think we will be ok.

I call the meals of the day as “breakfast, lunch and supper“.
Dinner to me is more formal and has a title in front of it as in “Sunday dinner, Thanksgiving dinner or Family Dinner“ and they can be held at any time of the day. 

I would like to know what everyone else calls their meal times. 


  1. love this. at our house we eat brunch, everyday and the meal at the end of day is called dinner. on the weekends its the same. but on holidays, we eat an early breakfast and then have dinner for brunch.

  2. Growing up we called the last meal of the day supper. Dinner was our noon day meal on Sundays. Lunch was our noon day meal everyday. Now days, in my small three-person family we call the last meal of the day dinner. I don't know why it was changed. My parents now call the last meal of the day dinner. I guess in our family "supper" was a 1950s/1960s thing and changed with the "times". Who knows. I grew up in and currently live in NY State -- maybe its a regional thing.

  3. We do think alike. Probably has something to do with Nick's family history. But YEP older southerners had it like I was taught: my mama and daddy called it Breakfast, Dinner and then Supper. The mid day meal was always Dinner at our house. That Dinner changed to Lunch for me sometime after I joined the militay. At our houses (Sherry & I) Sunday Dinner was always right ater church.
    Interesting subject.
    Love from down here
    Sherry & jack
    PS: Yep if that is the only 'problem' y'all got it made!

  4. I'm with you 100% on the meal names!!

  5. Dinner does sound more formal, but I always say breakfast, lunch, and dinner. My best friend from college is from the North and when she went to school here in South Carolina she noticed that a lot of people called supper dinner.

  6. I am originally from Pittsburgh, PA, the North, so we always said dinner. People used to tell me we ate "so early" when I grew up eating dinner at 5pm. My parents were both teachers, so we would eat after they prepared it when they got home from school.
    Happy Monday!
    jess xx

  7. We are breakfast, lunch and dinner but I have a friend who, like you, call dinner supper. I guess its what you grow up with. I remember my mom always calling us kids when we were out playing she would say all of our names in order then say, 'its dinner time, time to come home.'

  8. We call it breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Growing up my mom and dad called it supper and not sure when it was changed to dinner.
    Thanks for the blog visit today. Enjoy the week Lisa.