Customized iPhone Home Screen

Just about everyone has a smart phone of some sort now days. It has become an important necessity in life. This is were we keep our grocery list, calendars, store our photos, do our work, and let’s face it, all of our friends are inside there. 

We like to have our own style of phone cases and personalized settings. But did you know you can personalize your home screen with custom app icons? As I was playing around the other day, I discovered some new tricks on my iPhone. I learned that with the IOS14 update, I can created cute and fancy icons by using the shortcut app that is already on there by default. It was a little time consuming so I just chose my favorite apps to customize as the first page when I turn on my phone, AKA home screen.

I went from the normal bright colorful icons like this...

To soft beiges like this....

I also chose a Christmas or Winter background. Cute huh?
It is now more fun to look at my screen as it is easier and more relaxing on my eyes. 

First you have you have to search and download “ iPhone aesthetic app icons”.  There are a lot of free ones or for a just a couple of dollars, you can head over to Etsy and find whole sets made and ready to download and use. I found mine at  Cove Design.
Then save the photos of icon you want to your photo storage.

-Click your “shortcut app” then click on the “+”.
Add action and search “open app”.
-Now choose an app (for example Facebook”).
-Click on the three little dots at the top right.
-Name your shortcut and click “add to home screen”.
-Name it again and click the icon to the right of the name.
-Choose photo. Then click “Add” at the top right. 
Boom! There you have it. 

Don’t worry, your original icon and app is still there. What you just created is actually a “shortcut” to the app and can be removed anytime without messing up the original. 
Once you have shortcuts to the ones you use the most, all you have to do now is move the icons around to the home screen (this is the first screen you see when you turn on your phone).

To add a back ground:
Just find a photo you already have or from another site and save it as your background. 

I understand that most of you have no idea what I just said or what in the world I’m even talking about but there are several step by step videos online that can also help you customize your iPhone. Have fun!  


  1. You said:
    I understand that most of you have no idea what I just said. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
    Interesting stuff, and a good read, but for me? Phones have long been gone. One day I may learn how to connet the phone to my implants, THEN I B very interested.

    Love from down here in Florida and hoping you guys are safe there. WE have a son headed down this way for Thanksgiving and one headed to NC for Thanksgiving.
    Hugs to Bro. Nick, You better fix his phone too! ;-)
    Sherry & jack

  2. Thanks for sharing these instructions! I am pretty sure there is loads of changes I could make on my iphone I just need to sit down and concentrate a little to get it sorted. I do rely on my grand-daughter rather alot to get her to explain things for me so I will ask her about this when she next calls in. keep well Amanda x

  3. Well-who knew? Well- I do know how to change my background photo. Thanks for being bored enough to figure this all out! lol. Love ya, Lisa! xo Diana