It is What it is

I have not written a new post in a few days because when things are going on in the world that are disturbing to me, that’s all I can think about and I just can’t come up with words to express how I feel. I try to keep my post away from my political views so sometimes it’s best for me keep quiet because I do not want to detour my readers on my bias. 

What happens, Happens. “ It is what it is”
So today I am going to just list a few things on my mind. Things I have been thinking about.
Yes, this is a political post with my own opinion and views and I understand we all do not think alike and that’s ok. Don’t bash me.

  • Trump is still my President until it is all said and done.
  • Yes I voted for Donald Trump in both elections.
  • Why? Because he seems to care about the people in the Untied States. He really really did want to make America great again but his hands were tied.
  • He never gives up a fight.
  • He believes in God and was not ashamed to say it. He believes in what the Bible teaches us for leadership.
  • I am not happy about what going on.
  • If one man wins fair and square, then ok, but it’s not fair and square and you know it. There is some dirty stuff going on. 
  • I knew the push for mail in ballots was not a good idea. Though I understand some people have to vote this way.
  • I knew the Dems would pull another nasty stunt to keep our President from succeeding.
  • I am not as worried about who becomes President as much as I am worried about what kind of country we are becoming. 
  • I will not loose a friendship over two men that do not even know my name. We all have the right to our own political views.
  • Everything we have and will work for will become worthless.
  • I don’t want to rely on free stuff. I believe in working for things I have.
  • I do not want a President that has no morals. 
  • I do not want to have a President that was voted in because of his handling of a new virus. 
  • I may never understand why people vote for certain candidates and just hope whoever is elected will do whats right for our country. 
  • I hope who ever becomes president, we can be a peaceful nation. The Dems have been awful the past four years fighting and rioting against everything from the beginning.
There is so much more, but like I said, it’s hard for me to explain how I feel. 
All we can do now is pray for our leaders. Pray for our nation. And live one day at a time.
We can’t control what’s going to happen. 
It is what it is. 


  1. I mostly share your views and concerns. The choice made by the American people is also very important for my country 🙂.

  2. I agree with everything you said. I truly do! If we could trust the outcome whatever that may be that would be a blessing. Circumstances now make it almost impossible to trust anything. Events over the past year and longer have made me so sad. What has happened to the country I grew up in and loved? What has happened to some people? I am totally ashamed! How can people behave so badly and pretend it is normal. It is bullying brow beating of people property and country. I do not believe there is much decency in Biden and it is evident that he too knows this and just doesn't care. I'm stopping here but I can not believe how far down our country has become and what my father fought against is coming here in full force. NO I don't want government to tell me what and how to do everything. NO I don't want things handed to me I'll take care of me and my own. Free speech is fast dying people think all have to be clones and think like each other. What about individual thinking? Accepting differences are what made our country great BUT the differences happening now are detrimental to humans, property, freedoms and well unless God puts a stop to it we will see. That is the saving grace that He God is in control not man.

  3. How you feel now is how so many Americans have felt for the last 4 years. It has been hard as I saw a man who constantly lied - from his Inauguration Day on. You say he is a Christian but he didn’t attend church in a regular basis. He had affairs while married. You say there was dirty stuff going on with the election. How can you say that - do you really believe that the states where Trump won were the only states that had honest elections? What is your proof besides Trump saying I won. He was trying to disfranchise anyone who didn’t vote for him. For the last four years, he encouraged his voters to believe and support his hate. He wanted to divide this country. How do you accept and explain his remark about doing well with COVID if you don’t count the blue states. He didn’t even attempt to try to be the president for half of America. You say you don’t want a president with no morals - we have had one for the last 4 years. His mockery of people, his encouragement to show hate, and his family and how they have benefited from his presidency. Just look into what his golf courses have charged the secret service is one example. For the last 12 years - starting when Obama was president, the Republican Party has put themselves before what is/was best for our country. Now we have a president elect who is already talking about healing our country while President Trump is still trying to rip it apart. Trump’s hands weren’t tied - he signed more executive orders than any other president. I worry about our country because I know Republicans are already planning on how to continue to sow seeds of hated and put the USA on the path where only some have rights.

  4. how you see trump as a religious good man, is beyond me? He is polar opposite of what you describe. he's a saddist. no empathy for anyone. grabbing women and taking what he wants, then paying them off with hush money as his pregnant wife sits home is abominable. he lacks character and integrity. he doesn't care about anybody but himself. you can't be pro-life when you let over 220,000 americans die of covid. herd immunity is akin to murder. he name calls, beliitles and spews hatred, spreads conspiracy theories and lies. not the least bit christian from where i come from. his massive debt makes him a national security risk. and he has alienated our allies. but it's clear you judged him with blinders on and with different set of values from my own. the people have spoken. biden is the the president elect now. and we live in the UNITED States not red or blue ones. a president is supposed to represent ALL the people not just his base. we need to listen to each other and try to move forward to heal the hate and division that has hurt us. and put qAnon baloney in the trash where it belongs. joe is a good guy. he is decent. he is not a socialist and neither is kamala. give them a chance. a would be autocrat like donald would have destroyed this country further given more time. so i say the usa wins because democracy prevailed.

    1. I totally agree with Sue and TaryTerre. I want a President who will bring us back together not rant and bully people, pout like a child and name call on Twitter when things aren't going his way. I want a President who will lead by example by being a decent moral person who will consider ALL opinions/ideas and help and serve ALL people. I want a President that can help us to love and respect each other again. I want a President that can stop the hate,violent riots,tearing down of monuments,burning of cities and cancelling our history (I know some of our history is not good but mistakes made are how we learn and grow). I want a President who respects our military, our Veterans and military families who have lost loved ones. They are our heroes not the losers he has called them. I want a President who will listen to science and seek out the wisdom of those who are experts in health and pandemic issues, not make absurd statements like disinfecting our bodies with light and bleach injections and then flaunt not wearing a mask ( he, his wife, child and staff all got sick). I look forward to what Mr. Biden and Ms. Harris can do for all of us and I pray that our country will recover and rise again. I think the world leaders look forward to change and working with a new President also based on congratulatory messages and interviews I saw yesterday.
      Yes, in 2016 I voted for Trump. That is a mistake I would not make again.

  5. It is what it is. In an election ther are always winners and losers. Most of all I believe in this nation. This is the greatest nation in the world. I did cast my vote for Trump both times. I have my faith in this nation. I have picked winners and losers. No one man or administration can sink the USA. I have traveled over a lot of the world, NO COUNTRY has what the USA has. We have safe guards that have worked for years. There will be another election. We have reached a point where people have started voting 'against someone' rather than for someone. This time I really did not like the political beliefs represented by Trump's opposition, but this is America and they hve that right.
    This nation will survive. I will respect it's president and pray for him. I probably will not agree completely with his politics (seldom have) but all in all (IMHO) Until he is impeached or voted out, he is MY PRESIDENT and my Commander-in-chief. That is MY America. As in any contention, there is alwyas NEXT TIME.

  6. Lisa I couldn't agree more with your post, thank you for writing what I've been thinking. I will continue to pray for our country the only thing I can think about is if Donald Trump won the election the Democrats would pitch a bigger fit and I seriously believe our country would end up in a Cilvil war. The one thing I know is God is in control and knows the bigger picture, the one we can't see yet

  7. Thank you so much Lisa for your post. I seldom comment on blogs, but felt I had to do so now. I 100% agree with everything you said. Donald Trump is not perfect, but neither is any human being. I also voted for Trump in both elections and feel that he is the best man for the job. He has done so much for this country in the last 4 years and I believe he could do so much more if he won another term. There is so much hatred and unrest in this country, but Trump cannot be blamed for it. This is what happens when you take God out of everything...evil takes over. God Bless you and thanks again for this post. BTY, I love reading your blogs!

  8. PS)Lisa I want to give you kudos for allowing free discussion about our opinions in a civil conversation here on your blog. it is refreshing to have discussions without fear of repercussions. I have been viciously attacked, had my compputer hacked just for saying what i said here in other forums. so i'm grateful all of us are proud Americans here and believe in freedom of speech. we can agree to disagree about politics and still be blog buddies. thank you. you are to be commended.

    1. Thank you. Yes, I may not agree with everything people say (on both sides) but I believe in freedom of speech. For every winner, there is a loser. I do not put my hope in man. My hope is in God. I would not want to loose friendships over opinions.

  9. Yep, tht makes for America, the USA. We will not all see alike, but as in WWII and 9/11 WE COME TOGETHER. This is indeed a great country. God is Good, Life is REAL.

  10. I agree with everything you've written 100! God bless America and President Trump!

  11. I completely agree with you too. He's done so much good for our country! God Bless President Trump!!!

  12. Thank you for this safe space.
    As a BIPOC I've felt so anxious/depressed during the last 6 months, and now I wonder about the days leading into January's inauguration season. I know there is calm with moderates on either side, but the extremists ......I just don't know.

    -willow blue

  13. Respectfully, as a life long New Yorker, I feel despair that so many people could think Trump believes in God. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion - but all of us in his home town know Trump for what he is - a grifter and a con man. It saddens me that so many good people could be fooled by someone so transparent.