Great Day for a Doughnut

It was a great day for a doughnut (or 12). My daughter and I had just finished a candle making class. The rain had stopped and the new Krispy Kreme Tasting room was close by. I have been wanting to visit this place for a while now, so this was the perfect opportunity. We took a short walk around the block and there it was. The sign was glowing through the trees from across the road as we made our way the door.  

We saw a doughnut vending machine outside. Let me say that again, “A doughnut vending machine”. How cool was that?  I bet they have one of these in Heaven. 

The Krispy Kreme tasting room is located in Southend Charlotte. The bakers were working like bees to get orders filled for store deliveries and customer request. This is also where new flavors are born. You can become a member by downloading an app and thy will alert you on new flavors. You can be one of the first to try them. They also have milkshakes and doughnut sandwiches. 

We were only going to get one doughnut each but that did not happen. My daughter reached into her purse and pulled out a coupon for 1/2 off a dozen. 
The baker filled a box as we took turns choosing assorted flavors to try.

We walked out with a box of doughnuts.

The flavors we picked were:
2 Original stuffed with Cheesecake filling.
2 Pumpkin spice Cinnamon roll.
Reese’s Classic.
2 Original stuffed with Cream filling.
Raspberry filled.
Lemon filled.
Chocolate iced with sprinkles.
Chocolate cream stuffed.
Pumpkin iced.

We headed back to her apartment with smiles and giggles. There, we met my husband who had been watching a moving while waiting on us to enjoy our time together. He helped us taste the different flavors while keeping some saved for another day. 

My favorite flavored doughnut is the Lemon filled but there is nothing better than the original glazed, HOT, right off the conveyor belt. 
I could eat my weight in those. 


  1. Goodness!! It looks scrumptious shop and doughnuts. When I was in Chicago I was amazed at the variety of doughnuts you could buy.....looks like this surpasses what I saw then!! Totally delicious!! keep well Amanda x

  2. Oh my gosh.. I am SO glad we don't have one of those here I would be 500 pounds..LOL... Those donuts in that box had my mouth watering...LOL.. I hope they tasted as good as they look!

  3. Oh my, Krispy Cremes are my favorites. (though the bakery in town makes good ones too)
    My favorite is the simple glazed ones. No Krispy Creme stores around here.
    Have never seen a donut vending machine before!!

  4. Any day is a good day for a KK! But being an old fogy, they can do what they like, but they cannot beat the ORIGINAL glazed doughnut. Sherry on the other hand MUST have some chocolate on hers.
    Love the read,
    Sherry & jack (Not at KK!)

  5. Oh my! Just pass me that pumpkin glazed right now! I'll take the raspberry filled too. Glad you enjoyed your visit.

  6. Oh yumm! I haven’t had a Krispy Kreme in years. How cool a donut vending machine. The flavors sound devilish. Happy weekend.