Black Cat

Are you superstitious? A lot people are superstitious and will stay away from black cats. Not me. I think they are beautiful and just another one of Gods magnificent creatures. I do not believe in superstition, luck or karma. It’s all just silly nonsense. Jack over at Shipslog would agree as he has taken on a couple of these black beauties. 

Black cats are often associated with Halloween because they have been associated with witchcraft. They were also burned at the stakes with the witches. Medieval France and Spain believed black cats were objects of superstition and were convinced the were bringers of bad luck.

It feels like I see more black cats running around in October that any other time of the year but that is just a coincident. Some people will make sure to keep their black cats inside on Halloween night in fear of them being taken or killed.

There is a black cat in our neighborhood that I have seen once in my yard and other times roaming around for a couple of years now. It is a stray. 

But this cat is not a regular feral cat. This cat is a “Scottish Fold”. Nick says it’s earless but actually it’s ears are folded down to his head. These types of cats can be expensive. This is also the kind of cat I wish to have one day. I want a gray one but if I could capture this one, I would make him mine. 

The other day while we were on our walk, I had a feeling that something was staring at me. I looked over at the neighbors yard and there he was. Sitting pretty and gave me a growling meow. He was beautiful and he was huge! 

I began to walk over to him and he did not move. As I got closer to him, he fell over on his back and started rolling around like he wanted some petting. Well, that is exactly what I did. He got some loving pets from me and then I went on my way. After getting close to him, I was afraid to catnap him as my own because he looked happy and well fed where he was. I think that neighbor has already claimed him. I hope that is the case. I have not seen him since this day but I know he is around. He looked healthy and that made me happy. 

Maybe he will show up in my yard again one day.  Maybe Halloween night. 👻


  1. No, I'm not superstitious and like black cats too. I've never seen one like your picture with its ears like that.

  2. A worker at a local pet store said they cannot allow adoptions of black cats during Halloween because people torture them, she assumed in teenage satanist-wanna-be rituals. That was one of the saddest things I've ever heard.

  3. That sure looks like a happy and healthy cat! I hope you get to see him again and no I am not superstitious.

  4. I LOVE black cats!.. They have such beautiful eyes too! There is a man I watch who makes YouTube videos, he's in his 60's and he takes care of the neighborhood stray cats. Feeds them, vet care, gets them spayed. He doesn't have much money but he's just a good man. He has like five black cats and they are SO beautiful!

  5. Oh how cute. Like you I too would have wanted to take him home. You're right it does seem like we see more this time of year. I laugh when I see a black cat, a ladder that I may have to walk under stuff like that. Grandma used to tell us of many superstitions when we were little scary then. I'm not superstitious but the old ones are funny to think about.

  6. No, but that cat is KA-reepy looking!

  7. I love any cats and black cats are particularly gorgeous. I am not superstitious! This boy looks extremely well fed if not a bit over fed and if he rolled over for you then he is very used to being petted. If you think he is being looked after and found a new home that is fine! I would have certainly have catnapped him if I thought he belonged to nobody. The Spanish are a bit daft about black cats too!! keep well Amanda x