Job Search

I want to talk about my job search. Many of you know I was let go from my office manager job in October, 2019. It has almost been a year now and I still have not been able to land a job. I’m frustrated. I feel let down, I feel bitterness from my past job. You see, I worked there for 26 years, I took pride in my work and gave it my best. I was the only female on the payroll. I felt important. I was dedicated. I was there every day unless I was on vacation in which I would still have to log in and work as no one else could keep it together. I even came in before and after family funerals. Then the day came when the Boss came in and told me he had sold half the business, assured me that I was his favorite employee (BS), gave the other employees a raise, said he can no longer afford to pay me and just like that, I was unemployed relying on a two week severance pay and 12 weeks of unemployment checks.

Fast forward to now. 

I am struggling to find work. I was making really good money for years and now I have to accept a job making less than half what I made before. I am willing to accept that. I can do it. I want to work. I have never been without a job since the day I turned 16. I am now 51. I am getting really sore sitting around the house all the time except for our couple of beach trips. We do not have the money to do home repairs, or take fun outings like I would like to do while I have all this time together. 

I am getting tired of people questioning why I haven't found a job yet. It’s quiet embarrassing too and I feel like hiding under a rock. 
Finding a job is like winning the lottery. Without any education or training, I get beat out of every position. No one will give me a chance. I have learned that to get a job, you have to personally know someone who is hiring. Now this pandemic has hit and it seems everyone is on a hiring freeze. I have visited my community college but I learned quickly that I can not afford it and can’t get financial help due to the amount of money I made last year. 

I have applied to at least 211 jobs and that does not count the many I applied for before I started keeping track. Out of those jobs I have gotten 5 live interviews and 2 phone interviews. That’s as far as I can get. I do not hear back from most and the others send an email denying me. I am turned down mostly due to not having the education, training or that I am not bilingual. 

I did land one job as a phlebotomist at a plasma center. I was so excited, but within one week, they lost my file with all my personal info, there was poor leadership, I saw a lot of unprofessional things and the clientele that came in to donate plasma were mostly the kind of people my daddy always warned me about. I found it best to quit and not waste any more of their time. I decided to let my phlebotomy certification expire and stick to office work. I can always renew it if I change my mind. I would still love to be a phlebotomist. 

Friends try to help me and give me advice but none that I have not already tried. Nick wants me to keep my job search kept within a 10 mile radius and that puts a burden on my search. He looks at the milage I would take to and from work, the wear and tear on my car and my over all safety. I refuse to work in a restaurant or grocery store. Those are both great jobs and I did both when I was younger but I want a job I will enjoy with regular day time hours. 

My last resort will be to check with a temp service but I am putting that off as long as I can. Nicks says we are ok on monies right now to survive but I am getting desperate to find work. I hope something will come along. I have been praying about it but sometimes I feel like God ain't listening. I have cried a lot and I feel like I’m loosing communication and social skills. I have days where I feel useless and worthless but as an optimist, I can usually pull myself out of the funk. If you pray, please keep me in your prayers that something will come along and I can get back into the working world. I need it. 


  1. I almost hate to mention this because I know the pay is probably so low compared to what you were making, but have you thought about working in the public school system? I worked as a Registrar for many years while my children were in school. The pay isn't great but they do offer full benefits and of course the hours are great and no working weekends. There were no education requirements for any office staff (at least not here in my county) but there are tests to take and pass before applying for a position. Even if something like that isn't really for you there are also office substitute positions you could check into until you can find something more fitting. Just my two cents :)

  2. Between jobs I often worked for "Temp" agencies. Many of those resulted in offers for permanent positions. It serves to get you out of the house and add to your experience/skill set, as well as your resume. A bonus is you can refuse any placements you would not like.

  3. Lisa, I promise to pray that God will open the door for the perfect job for you. I’ll add you to my prayer journal.
    God always has a plan and his timing is always perfect. Hang on and keep faith.

  4. When I Lost my job in 2014 I felt the same way. I could not find the kind of work I did for 42 tears so I took an early retirement. It is scary but GOD always has a plan for us. I will pray for you. I hope the job you are dreaming of comes along soon. HUGS across the miles XO

    1. My husband is doing like you did. He couldn't find work and now retiring. The struggle is real.

  5. Lisa, I am so sorry about your job loss. I swear honey, if I had to find a job in this day and age with getting on line...I flat would be lost. I would probably have to drive a school bus and there's not enough money in the world. LOL. I love kids to pieces, but golly they mis-behave on buses. All kidding aside, I will pray for you to find the best job ever. Many other doors will open for you. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  6. So sorry you've had such a tough time finding a job. The temp agency sounds like a good idea. My son has used them a couple of times when moving to a new area and ended up with great permanent jobs.

  7. Lisa, You know I have you in prayer and will continue. It doesn't help the strange times we're having now. Things seem to be turned upside down, businesses are definitely having their troubles too. I know that you will find something when the time is right and sometimes it does seem as if that time will never come. I do know this where ever you work they will be very lucky to have you! You would be an asset to any business! You are worth more than a job and don't feel bad if people ask why you haven't found a job ignore it. Yes, I said that ignore it.
    One of the last jobs I had didn't pay a lot and I thought why am I working here. It didn't take me long to realize it was probably the best job I'd ever had and the little pay didn't matter in the long run. I ended up working for an independent architect helped him to make more money he helped me find an interesting creative job. It was a win win then 2008 hit the housing market fell to nothing and I told him I had to lay myself off...he didn't want me to go but it had to be done...Then I went to work with a timber and logging company learned the ins and outs of that business..So many things can come your way even when you want to retire..Something will come up I just know it.
    Keep your head up beautiful talented friend! I know the best is yet to come.

  8. Hey sweetheart, I haven't done it often, but before I decided I needed to employ myself in construction I did a lot of in person interviews. I finally learned that most PR people did not know their head from a hole in the ground. I was promised 'the job' but they were required to see 'someone' who was kin to the boss, but it was just a formality, LOL I never heard from them. yep I felt like your skeleton.
    I know it is a not too common statement, "Things will work out!" BUT they will. this is one of the worst situations I have seen in my 60+ years, BUT THIS TOO WILL PASS!
    Love you and ole' Nick. Hang in there.
    WE are broke down in the Mojave Desert, near Death VAlley, but I think we have fixed the problem. Should head for Cousin Dewey in Las Vegas in the morning.
    Sherry, jack & JJ on the road ( I hope)

  9. Hi there Lisa, I sure hope you find a GOOD PAYING, GOOD HOURS, GOOD BENEFITS, GOOD LOCATION JOB quickly! Hang in there, surely there is something good out there waiting on you and with skills you will be chosen right off the bat. Sooner rather than later is my hope. I've been looking at some of your previous posts.....oh my goodness--the pictures of the storm coming in on the beach is just gorgeous, I love that. Looks like y'all had a lovely beach stay. I have seen that nasty looking messy seagrass, seaweed, mess whatever it is several times. It is messy and sometimes really bad, sometimes just a little. Glad you stopped in to visit me and hope you come back often and yes, I think you'd like Edisto, it's a peaceful and quiet little place, very off the beaten path, not like any of the tourist beaches. As far as accomodations or camping, I have no idea because we don't stay, we just drive over there from time to time for a nice drive out through the country and to walk a different beach.

  10. Put those skills to work for a volunteer position with a non-profit. You would be amazed at the skills you will develop while meeting people of all walks of life. Many of whom will give you great references. Many of whom know a lot of people and networks. It worked for me.