I have been here at the beach a week now. Sorry for not posting much but I have just been on this routine where I get up, eat, get dress, and meet up with Nick on his walk. He will walk about three or so miles then I meet up with him and do another two or three miles. The other day, I walked up to the laundry mat to put some clothes in to wash and ended up walking three miles while they washed and another two miles while they dried. After we walk each morning, we put out the umbrellas and chairs and sit on the beach until supper time. I would love to sit on the beach and blog but the sun is just too bright. Today is a cloudy day so I’m sitting out here having my breakfast and blogging a while. 

It has been crazy in the Carolinas. Last week there was a hurricane on Monday here in SC, then Sunday we had an Earthquake in my home town of North Carolina. But something else was odd here at the coast. As we were sitting on the beach, we could see dark spots in the waters. They were gaining and getting closer to shore. We thought it was schools of fish and so did others by overhearing conversations. 

As the waves rolled in, we could tell it was not fish. It was masses of seagrass. It laid a pile of brush along the shore as far as you can see. It went from South to North. People were running out of the water and others were lining the shore to get pictures and conversations.

We have a friend that is on Beach patrol and he said it is pretty normal after a storm but this much at one time is a little odd. I have a friends that live down here and they said they have never seen anything like this.

It made the beach look nasty and it is still there today. We were told that the city was in the process of cleaning it up but it was too much for their machines. It will be a slow process and most of the seagrass will eventually work its way under the sand and back out to sea. Meanwhile I made the best of it and instead of building a sand castle, I built a tiki bar.

I can imagine this is what the crew on Gilligan’s Island used for roof shelter on their beach huts. You think?
Have you ever seen this much seagrass at one time? Has Mother nature threw some new things your way lately?


  1. OUCH! I have never seen that much accumulation anywhere on beaches. But as usual you tend to be CREATIVE, love the Tiki bar, good idea. St. Nick probably thought spending the time at the bar would at least keep you out of trouble.
    BUT yes, that is wild, all that sea grass. I thought at first the title was Sea glass.
    From Utah,
    Sherry, jack & JJ, on the road.

  2. That is amazing. No, I have never seen anything like it. I would have been one of the people running out of the water! Your tiki hut looks good - it does make me think of Gilligan's Island #majorpartofmychildhood

  3. I have never seen anything like that before and I grew up living one minute from the beach! It's so nice to go for walks and relax on the beach. Have fun.

  4. The tiki hut looks awesome. That is. Lot of sea grass. Gillign’s island brings back memories. Walking on the beach is enjoyable. Have a good weekend.

  5. Cute tiki bar! It has been crazy in the Carolinas weather wise. Thankfully the hurricane wasn't near my part of South Carolina. I haven't been to the beach yet because the spread of Covid cases are still bad in SC. Maybe next year. Enjoy the beach and stay safe!