A Toad and a Storm

Nick went out for a walk and I decided to stay in and clean the camper a little. Well, really, I simply did not feel like putting on shoes. We hung around the camper the rest of the morning and headed out to the ocean after lunch. We decided not to take the umbrella and use our old chairs today. We could see a storm brewing in the distance and it would be easier to make a run for it if we had too. Our camper is sitting about 100 feet from the beach.

We grabbed our old chairs that had been sitting out all night and our beach bag and headed out. 
Once we got to the spot on the sand that we wanted to spend the day, we flung open our chairs and plopped them down. When I opened my chair, a big toad fell out. He looked up at me with a grumpy look on his face. I just messed up his day. 

I grabbed the little fella and took him back over the dunes to a grassy area and let him go. The anxiety of carrying a toad was high as I have not touched a toad since I was probably nine years old. Eeeek. But I knew he would not survive sitting out with us all day in the baking sun. 

As we sat on the beach we enjoyed watching the rain bands sweep across the ocean in the distance. It looked near but in reality it was miles away. People were still enjoying the water and bathing in the sun. 

The skies got darker and we could actually see the storm in the distance as the sun was still bright on the coast. It was beautiful and I love storms.

It was nice sitting on mother natures porch watching the storms pass by.  
It has rained all around us all week but never came to where we are. 

It has been so nice here that we have decided to extend or stay a couple more days. 


  1. I think frogs are cool! So funny that one was in your chair! Love that you enjoy storms, I bet it was great just to sit out on the beach.
    Enjoy your week!
    jess xx

  2. That is a tidy sized toad....looks like he is going to have a beach holiday as well LOL! Like yourself I thoroughly enjoy a good storm! I have a Spanish friend who is scared stiff of storms and goes crazy covering up all her mirrors in her house. I really do not know what she is going to achieve by covering up the mirrors.One of the best places to be when a storm is approaching is the beach (of course not near a tree). I think you chose a really good day to be on the beach. The forces of nature are awesome!! enjoy! Amanda :-)

  3. Lisa, What a fun time you and your hubby are having. I am like you, ewee on the toad carrying. I saw one on our walkway just two days ago. I took a stick and had him scoot so he would not be stepped on. Be safe while away , Blessings, xoxo, Susie
    p.s. getting a nice tan. :):)

  4. How cool to see the storm coming like that!!
    Don't know if you read my blog the other day but I had a picture of the first loofah blossom from the seeds that you gave me!!! I was so excited to see it!!

  5. I've been enjoying your vacation! I know you'll both enjoy the extra time!
    xoxo Dolly

  6. What a good read and loved the pictures. I heard when I was a kid if a toad peed in you it would cause a wart, well that is what I heard. Glad you put the little dude where it could find shade, sweet. I have always loved storms at sea, they are captivating.
    Have a great time and I don't blame you for extending the time.
    Sherry, jack & JJ on the road. Idaho then Oregon next stop.

  7. Hi Lisa!
    Oh good grief, I just love toads and frogs but not in my chairs or my house! LOL That toad did look a little pissed off... LOL... We have a toad who likes to hang out on my deck at night and I just leave him there. When it rains or is going to rain we have these tiny little green frogs that come out and for as small as they are , they are VERY loud but they are the cutest little things albeit slimy as heck!.... I LOVE sitting on the beach. I find so much peace near the water.. XO

  8. You saved the frog, or toad. Good for you. Shade is always better in this blistering sun.