Crazy Weather

The weather here in North Carolina has been all over the place. I think we experienced every season in one week.

Last Friday we had our first snow. It was more of just a flurry but it was enough to have everyone hyped up and noses pressed to the windows. 

Then Monday came. The temperatures shot back up into the 70’s. I went to a dental appointment that morning to have my permanent crown applied. Afterwards, me and the husband went out for a nice long walk. It was 74 degrees and sunny. I wore shorts and a tank top. It felt so good to finally get out of hibernation and get some warmth of the sun on my face. 

Tuesday and Wednesday it continued to be warm spring like weather. Then Thursday hit. When I say “hit”, I mean it really hit! I went to work in the pouring rain. Soon, I began to hear weather alerts going off on everyones phones. People were starting to get anxious as we had a tornado watch and then several tornado warnings. This went on just about all day long. 

It wasn’t until I left work for the day that I really saw the damages. There were trees down in some areas and roads were flooded due to low areas and creeks rising. This storm was not only in my area but in all of North and South Carolina. We were getting reports from the beach campground we stay at during the summer. Here are a couple photos I copied from the facebook group page. These are not my own photos. 

You rarely see Palm trees damaged by storms. This campground has survived several hurricanes with no damages but whatever came through on Thursday sure took a toll on it. 

These picnic tables are not light weight. 
They are very heavy and each campsite has a shelter with a table under if for each camper to enjoy during their stay. 
It scattered items all over the place. There were campers even moved from their spots.

Now it is Saturday and the temperatures are back down in the 30’s again and it’s snowing at 39 degrees. 
We will not see any accumulation but the furries are beautiful making it a perfect day to stay in and snuggle on the couch.

Note: In case you all are wondering how my new job is going?
I quit yesterday. Quitting a job is out of my character as I love to work and desperately need a job. But my three days there were extremely overwhelming. I really tried to keep going but things were mentioned and stories were told that threw too many red flags at me. I finally accepted the fact that this job was not for me. They were not totally honest with me about some things I agreed too before accepting the job. I also didn’t feel safe around the work and donor area. Something finally tugged at me during a company meeting on Friday morning that told me to get out of there and quick.  

For now on, I’m going to stick to office work. I now realize thats were I belong. 
So here I am still job searching. Luckily, I am still in the interview process with another place. This one will take several weeks before I know anything. It is more stable with regular full time hours and a better work environment. Keep praying for me. 


  1. Keeping you in prayer Lisa. Don't feel bad Lisa, I quit job after 3 days too when I was 19. It was a fast food restaurant. I had a similar experience about dishonesty. Keep your head up. It will get better :) SC weather is the same. We've had tornados, warm weather, and snow in some parts of the state. Now it's cold again!

  2. Better you quit right away if it's not what you want. Sounds like a good decision. Still praying that the right job comes along for you!!
    Our weather has been all over the place here too.

  3. It pays to use your head and your heart. Not comfortable! Depart! Good for you. Prayers and hopes the cone coming up is it, if not keep plugging the right fit is out there.
    But hey, were you right. We came home to Florida weather, then the monsoon and today was snow. LOL It is a good life.
    Love ya
    Sherry & jack

  4. I know something good will come along for you and at least you listened to your gut feelings and quit that other job. Sending hugs your way. Julie xo

  5. This has been quite the week for you and us for sure. We have a lake in our yard and driveway, but nothing was damaged by the high winds. We never know what to wear on any given day do we?
    I'm sorry about the job but feel you have probably done the right thing. Praying for you and the next job that it will be better for you. Take care.

  6. hoping you'll find work soon. sending prayers your way. the storm damage was sad to hear about. happy that nobody got seriously hurt. its snowing here tonight in the 30's. last week we went as high as 60. crazy weather, indeed.

  7. Lisa, you remain in my prayers. Personally, I think you were wise to leave. One of the hardest things in life is to see the red flags...ignore them...then later find out that it was a mistake to stay. That little voice inside is so helpful in making correct decisions. Lisa, life is too short to stay in scary, miserable conditions. God has something better in store for you...and in His will see the blessings He has given you! Just are in my prayers every single day. Thanks for the update!

  8. Good luck with the new job hunting. Not sure what the one is you left, but I hope this new one will be better. Enjoy your blog so much.

  9. It is good to listen that still, small voice. The right thing will come along.

  10. Hi Lisa, I came over from Jack69. I hope your weather gets smoother soon. Here in Ohio we've had some up and down weather also. Last Sunday it was 60..rare for Ohio in Feb. and this weekend we've had snow and cold. Oh well, Spring will come! I just joined Nutrisytem the other day and will await my first shipment. Hoping it helps me get ready for Summer and also for the rest of my life! Take care!

  11. Happy to hear you choose to get out of a job that made you uncomfortable.. good luck on finding a job that you like.

  12. Our weather was exactly the same here. Tornado hit right through my city. About down the middle.

    We had some flooding and we did have some water leak through a closet. Minor damage compared to some here. The storm also knocked off some kind of protective metal that guards the wood on the edge of the roof.

  13. I must have missed a post from you about your job, too bad it wasn't for you....but something will come up! Glad you were safe in that crazy storm, Lisa, wow!!

  14. It's been wacky here as well, I think we have similar weather but just a few days ahead.

  15. storm front was horrid. Thankfully no trees/limbs came down here. Odd to have our heat pump on in February.